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Damini Kranti : Anti-Rape Revolt

Damini , India's Daughter, Nirbhaya , Amanat , Vedna , Braveheart .. Many names were given to that brave Soul ..
Her real name was India .... Raped and Killed Brutally ..

Indian Flag, Nirbhaya, Damini, BBC Documentry, India's Daughter, Delhi Rape

Her family was courageous and brave enough to let the people know her real name "Jyoti Singh Pandey" .. Salutes to her and her family , this is an inspiration to the whole nation .

Damini Real Name, India's Daughter

Morning of 29th December , 2:15 am was the time God decided to call his assaulted daughter to him .. She left us for a better place ..
You are immortal , you woke up a million of us today . The only sad part is that you had to sleep forever for it ..

RIP Damini Rapevictim

The medical report shows Multi-Organ Failure of the Girl but it actually was Multi System Failure of the Society and Administration .. Who is to be blamed ? The inhumane brutality to her was done by those 6 men but was allowed by us . Us , the normal public , the Policemen the Government ..  

It all started on the 16th of December , The coldest day in the history of Delhi .. The cold was not measured by the mercury but by the hearts ..
"Damini" was returning home with his friend from a movie , one wrong move .. Yes , they boarded a private bus with a bunch of drunk men already in it .. They were passing lewd comments on the girl , the guy opposed provoking the six of them to beat him , Damini as a girl could have ran or just stayed away but she wasn't a normal girl .. In the whole bus she was the only one with guts , she tried to save the guy and came in front of him .. 

Gang Rape Damini

Unfortunately , those animals overpowered Damini and her friend . After beating , stripped the guy and threw him off the bus .. Now Damini faced the fury of those six impotent Men .. After raping her , they got pissed by the guts and bravery of Damini so in a process to break her spirit , inserted a rod in her , damaging the small intestines displacing the liver and throwing the uterus .. They intentionally damaged her intestine so that the DNA report won't detect the rape ..
They were planning to find some prostitute , use her and dump without paying but that didn't happened ..

Enough to make you uncomfortable in reading itself naah ? .. She lived all of it , after almost two hours she got medical attention .. 

The 13 Days ..

Damini was now admitted in the Safdarjung hospital , next morning the news spread like a viral infection .. The whole of India stood by her but those bastards had full faith in Indian Government , unaffected they went back to their normal lifestyle , only to get nabbed ..

Damini Justice Protest India Gate

The willingness to live impressed everyone , those who were saying "Now , Death is Better" got stunned by the attitude of hers ... The protests in a bid to give her justice were swinging in full flow .. The whole Delhi Youth was demanding justice in front of Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate ...

Despite the mind numbing atrocities , she was not at all afraid , very firmly and composed she gave her statement to the magistrate , giving every detail about the rapists ..

The whole movement seemed to be heading like a pretty Bollywood movie , there were news about her significant recovery , even walking with some support and on the other hand Home minister decided to consider death punishment to the accused ..

The increased Rape Cases

The Climax ..

Soon came the climax , unfortunately this film didn't offered a happy ending , Damini's vital signs started deteriorating constantly . 26th December , the doctors of Safdarjung hospital decides to shift her to Mount Elizabeth Hospital .. It was the nearest most equipped hospital known for specialty of organ transplant .. 11 : 30 PM , Nirbhaya took her last breathe in India ..

Mount Elizabeth Hospital

The journey was full of challenges , it was tough for a patient in critical condition to bear the exertion of the Air Ambulance .. however , she reached Singapore alive , not very stable though .. The doctors there said unless she is stable they can't transplant the damaged organs ..

The next two days , all we heard was about the "Extremely Critical" condition of Damini .. By now , People had developed a trust on her fighting abilities but we were sadly mistaken . 

28th Dec , 6 : 30 pm the medical bulletin said her vital organs have stopped working .. With Lung and Stomach injuries she was also sustaining Brain Injury ..

Damini , finally scummed to the injuries early morning of the 29th December , 2012 .. Black Saturday ..

Damini Kranti ..

Much like the 1857 revolt was crucial in freedom , this December would be remembered as the one for Rape victims .. The involvement of Common people in this case has shocked everyone .. Earlier there were protests but over time they used to fade out , but this was different ...

There have been 2600 rapes in the last 10 months , Her heroics was a Strength for the Protesters ...

Damini Unites Youth Justice

She fought back , fought back hard .. Emerged as an inspiration .. Lost her life but became eternal in the nation where girls are look down as a weak and dependent sex ..

RIP Damini -  16 Dec 2012 - 29th Dec 2012
You will be loved and remembered always :) .. I promise you , I will respect every girl and yeah if you get reincarnated you will see a different Delhi .. 
Damini Dies of Organ Failure
 Now Please ...
Don't let her sacrifice go in vain , So now that you know what all problems girls have to face please be considerate , protect them .. Least you can do is , at-lest not your friends tease them .. Don't rely on Law and Courts ..
Gandhi Damini Rape
You still have "Honey Sigh - Volume 1" in your playlist ? Delete it .. 
Eve-teasing is the first step towards  making women insecure , stop objectifying them learn to respect , Give your squirrel's share in making Delhi and India a safer place ..
 And Government , Don't fear your own people .. Instead of closing down the Metro Stations and implying Sec 144 , take responsibility . apologize for letting us down .. 
Hang Rapists Damini
And yeah , Hang them ASAP .. #TheekHai ?

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Being a Demonstrator ...

"Aap Ko Toh Paise Milte Hai , Hum Apna Job chodh Ke aaye Hai" , A man in his early 40s explained his cause of the protest to the well guarded emotionless Rapid Action Force behind the barricades ..

Well , Mayans made 21st a significant date but on 22nd our Youth proved that the minute they Logout and step out , they can do some real stuff . The enthusiasm , the zeal , the spirit .. Really never experienced something like that in the 18 years I have lived ..

Protest for India's Daughter BBC

The road from the President's house to the India Gate was jam packed with angry protestors demanding the justice , the morning chill wasn't enough to deter the so called "lazy youth" ..

"Peace Protest"

The morning started with the students sitting in front of the Rashtrapati Bhavan , shouting out slogans .. summing up "We Want ... Justice" and "Hang Those Bastards" but all our government reciprocated with was ...

Protest India's Daughter Rape BBC

I mean fine , the shower just shook up and we ruffled our feathers for what was in store ahead ..The real frenzy started following a loud voice , "Charge" .. The Police cut loose upon us like a bunch of Zombies with a stick , Converting all the possible potential energy into kinetic on our wet bodies ..

Still Fine , but the WTF moment was when they started lashing out a girl that was already on the ground !!
Many people received injuries , but that scene was just a pure blot on the Police department ..
We can understand that it is part of your job to keep the security intact , but the girl on ground a 100 yards from the barricades ? What danger was she possessing ? Not to mention the groups that were silently seated the whole while .. Ok , listen to your orders but then do apply your minds .. You are not Fuckin Robots ..

India's Daughter Protest Rape

After 5 minutes of dispersion , again it started to bulk up . I was not crying out loud the slogans until the Phase 1 *Mentioned above* .. "We Want .. Justice" was equally balanced with "Delhi Police Ek Kaam Karo , Chudiya Phen Ke Dance Karo" and "Pura Dilli Yahan Hai , Shiela Dikshit Kahan Hai"

 Cry Cry Itna Cry

As the noon was approaching , so were the new ideas in the minds of the Security department ..  
The Water Cannons were feeling nice at that time but suddenly a big wave of people rushing to the back gave a heads up about something evil .. The water in the cannons finished so they found a new source , OUR EYES ..

Tear Gas Bomb thrown

Tear Gas Bombs , if you haven't felt them yet , you cannot imagine what it is like to inhale the gas .. Imagine someone rubbing dark red chilli rubbing all over your face and in your eyes , the choking sensation of it gave an impression that we are all gonna die young .. Throwing it in the crowd itself injured many , the direct impact of the tube left a dozen bleeding ..

Protestors threw back tear gas bombs

Talk about being brave , some daredevils threw the shell back at the attackers if i might say .. The irritation effects however helped the Police force to clear the area once again ..

This cycle continued , fresh batch of protestors kept coming in front and Delhi Police could actually feel the "In You Face , Loser" expressions . Well we flipped the bird in regular intervals and made the "L" .. Some went a little overboard singing "Sadda Haq" ..

Protest India's Daughter Rape BBC
The highlight of the "Youth" protest were the fingers flipped

Childish , but the joy and satisfaction it gave , Priceless ... !!

India's Daughter Rape BBC Protest

Net Result ? 

The protest wasn't a waste . Evening , the revolt did applied some pressure on the system .. Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said they will discuss about the death punishment .. I know Government can't be trusted but , We Won't let go simply .. If still the verdict is "Life Imprisonment" *14 years* you will find a crowd of double magnitude tomorrow shouting at your head's main doors ..

Tips for Next Protest ..

While you are making slogans , please make a placard with "SIT AND PROTEST" boldly written over it , just because of some assholes our peace protest is termed as a violent one and they gets an opportunity to do atrocities like we experienced , if you find some idiot do corner him ..

and .. Take something to eat and drink also , once you are there you won't wish to comeback despite being hungry or thirsty .. 

 Hows "Damini" ?

Composed but Critical
Back on ventilator She is , But her will to live is the biggest weapon for us ..
Girl you have no idea how much we love you , Stay Blessed !! 

Picture Damini Alive

 Step 1 : Praying for her ... Doing
Step 2 : Hanging those bastards .. Coming Up

A Special Thanks To ..

India Gate important in Protest

   India Gate , you really pump up everybody with patriotism and the will to fight for our right .. and the candle march of "Rang De Basanti" just add a spark to our spirits ..

Again I would like to mention that I am writing this instead of watching the T-20 match ..
Yeah , thats how much hopeful and proud I am ...

Happy New Year ...

New Year for Delhi People

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Rape After Affects ..

To start with , 
I would like to mention that I am writing this instead of watching the T-20 match ..
Thats how much bummed I am even now..

Regretting Why I read the details about this "Rape" , Well please stop calling it a rape first .. Out of my bag of vocabulary to put this one in words .. Cruel , Gruesome , Assault , Heinous .. all words are underrated to describe the trauma she went through .. 

Rumors were that those men shoved a rod in her vagina , and pushed in piercing every organ till her ribs .. It was enough for my soul to throw up a bit .. But , now it is believed that the driver Ram Singh inserted his hand , pulled out her uterus and threw it out of the bus before doing the same to the girl .. The reason being , "Damini" in her defense slapped and bit him revoking the ego of that bastard .. 

Thank God , She is alive ...
*Please stop circulating those "The girl that was raped is no more now , She took her last breathe .. Crap wale messages , Only be sure when an authentic source tells you* 

She is not a rape victim , She is a fighter .. She wants to live , you are nobody to judge that death would be better now ..

"Damini" the poor soul , on Thursday asked if those men were arrested and wrote on a piece of paper that they should be punished .

Virtual Revo-illusion ..

If I believe my Facebook friends , I signed 50 petition , I have done my part . The rapists would be hanged now right ? .. Or yes , Putting a black DP should do the trick and compel Government to take immediate actions .. You attended a protest , a candle march upload those photos .. That will motivate people .. this won't ..

Just because I am a guy , Don't think I am not a supporter , I bloody care more than you .. It's' just that you are letting out the aggression on virtual world , please save some for the REAL . Channelize it , We need it desperately out in the real world . Moreover , nobody from the officials give a damn about your Facebook or any other social activity .. Do practical improvements ..

Glad that there was no Facebook, BB, or other forms of social media during the fight for Independence.. or else people wouldn't have taken part in the revolt... they would have just put a black dot on their profile and expected the Britishers to get a hint and leave"

You can Run , You can Hide ..

But you can't escape the truth .. "Don't tell me What to do , Tell them not to rape" is pretty impressive status and could land you in good amount of "Likes" and "Comments" , but never forget the ground realities and need of the hour ..

This might bug you a little but that day they should not have taken that private bus , don't you think ?
I mean yeah , that doesn't give someone a license to be such an animal but it gives an opportunity , Look fine you have full freedom to do whatever you want , Wear short skirts , Roam around till midnight and all ..
But don't TRUST and EXPECT from anybody  Rich , Poor , Delhite , outside Delhiwallah ..

Don't blame our CM , Delhi is safe for girls .. That have the privilege of having a "Laal Batti Wali Car" .. So , don't expect her to be in your shoes and take effective steps .. And if you protest , they will give you a winter shower ...

Water Cannons Used

You have any brilliant idea , do share it .. Please share it ..

Your Boyfriend is Not Superman ..

Most of the stupids things we do when we have no fear , No offense to the Guy with you but always be reasonable .. Even if he is a daring young man , he cannot just overpower a magnitude of 6 or 7 .. So , its good to have a company but then also remain on your toes , be alert and safe ..

If you get stuck anywhere in India, don't rely on auto/bus/taxi, instead dial 44222222 or 44333222 which is the phone no. of cabs with female drivers that has been started for the safety of women. Spread this information to all the girls around you !

Ashamed to Be an Indian ?

"Bla Bla Bla ...... Really shameful , I am ashamed to be an Indian" 

I mean really ? You are what a head of an NGO ? or were you actively involved in the freedom struggle ? What have you done for the nation except saying "Kuch Nahi Hone Wala Iss Desh Ka" ?
Don't drag down your country with it , The concerned government the officials blame them ..

You from Taliban ?

It is one thing to be a supporter of the capital punishment and one thing to just share dead bodies on my homepage ... Public hanging , Rat eating the penis off a man .. What Not !!

I want them to be hanged and castrated , but again Government isn't gonna take a que from your Timeline for giving them the punishment .. They were animals , we aren't ..

Unki Maa Ki ...

Those 5 men should be punished to hell , but posts like "I will f*ck their mothers for not teaching them manners" .. Raising a voice against women and saying stuff like that , just reminded the FB post  .. "Respect Women , You Son of a Bitch"  .. Hope you get it ..

Stop Dividing the country ..

Please stop spreading hatred , no community or culture or region teaches anybody to rape .. How did you felt about the judgmental people from US after the 9/11 attacks ? Just because of the skin color we were also being doubted , Now the situations are better though ..

To conclude , "Josh Mein Hosh na Kho Jana" . These kind of viral post ends quickly and there is a big zero on the productivity graph .. !!

And ... Hey Aunty , Guess What ... Every Boy is not a rapist .. 

  Just owning a trimmer doesn't mean You are 
                               a Barber ...

                                     Think on it before staring to the utmost level of awkwardness 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Delhi , HOT Spot ?

Earth was once called the "Planet of Apes" , Just after a few cases it could very well be labelled as a "Planet of Rapes" , Well , I am talking about the increased cases of India  ..

Just when we think , "Thats it ! Our city , our metro has improved , the security is enough for women to feel safe" , a sad piece of news is already doing the rounds.

According to official statistics, 572 rapes were reported in Delhi last year. Police say they have registered 635 rape cases this year. So the improvement ship has already sailed.


Seems .. Gandhi ji forgot to give us a fourth monkey covering his crotch and saying "Do Not Rape"..

Rape Cases Go Unnoticed

What adds salt to the wound is a Stupid political or a community's statement after grave incidents ..
The way women dress , The food men eat , The western lifestyle everything is blamed but MEN aren't ..

To all the dumbf*cks , a women doesn't dress for you , You don't even matter to her ..

Dressing blamed for Rapes

Nor eating this would make you want to rape them ..

It is the upbringing that is so cheap , You can't get them no worries take it forcibly ..
The problem is not a economic or region based ... The rich the poor , Delliwallah outside people it can be anybody .. Moreover the law and the repercussions aren't so horrifying to stop the cheap Romeoes , there are now discussions about death sentence to the alleged , lets see how that would shape out in practicality .

Ye Public Sab Janti Hai ? ..

Bus Damini Raped

Delhi's transport system is unique , Blue line killed the people walking on the streets and now Green line is raping the ones inside them ..
That is the map of the recent rape of the 23 year old medical girl , Now as a Delhite you all must know how much busy this route is ..Is it possible that no one from the public noticed something fishy in that moving bus?

"Mind your own business" doesn't apply here folks .. It is ok you are not a hero to go alone and beat the Rapists alone , but use your brain .. Call the cops or gather 5 or 6 from the crowd with you to oppose those men , they are rapists they won't be equipped with ammo , moreover you would save an innocent girl ...

Be alert people , Delhi police just says "With You , for you , Always" rest you know ..
If only our Police was as well equipped to handle crime as they are in handling protests .. !!

Its not that only Delhi is the city of rapes , there are numerous cases in the country but most of them go unnoticed . Delhi doesn't rape , sick bastards do .. They can be anywhere !! A rape is a it in a moving bus or anywhere ..1000 of rapes are reported everyday in India ..wish each of them get the same attention..

 If you are so Desperate , throw in some bucks .. Not everyone is for sale .. !!

Do Not Rape

As a guy , Now I can feel those judgmental eyes that would check me out when I will walk down the street tomorrow .. Those few men have raped the respect of the millions of other guys  In true sense it is ...

                                         Men raping Men ..

Mind your ways or that day isn't far when like birds , Girls also would fly out of your reach from your mere appearance .. Stand up , Stop the rapists ..

And on the punishment ..
There was much more than a rape , even a rape is gruesome enough act to hang the person.. They assaulted her , damaged her ribs , small intestine .. Hanging would be under rated.. I demand castration..

Friday, 14 December 2012

What 2013 has in store for Movie Buffs

New Year , a year when Someone would start his schooling , Someone would become an adult , Someone would expect his promotion , Someone would make his wedding plans or someone would fill out the divorce papers ... Lets face it , Some systems would start running even faster while other might just hang . 2013 would be great for some and make others bend over.

If the world is a computer , then a New Year can be called a F5 hit by God .. 
*For girls F5 is used to refresh the system*

In a crappy world only three Ms stand by us all the time ... Mom , Music and Movies ..
Really these three ingredients if used effectively , can make the bumpiest phases of life like a walk in the park

Well , This post is dealing with the last M , The Movies .. My way of saying you "Happy New Year" ..

Lets look at the big franchise movies knocking the doors of your theaters .. Plan your year or at least live with the hope of watching them .. An excuse to welcome 2013 ...

First of all lets talk about the awaited movies that can probably release this year ..

Dhoom 3 in 2013

Dhoom 3 .. Like every year , Bollywood is hopeful of having the speed based thriller back on ..
 Then there is Pirates of Caribbeans 5 , Jurassic Park 4 , Tintin 3 , Tron 3 , The Expendables 3 ,Sherlock Holmes 3 , Scream 5 , Real Steel 2 , Kung Fu Panda 3 *A lot of 3s I know*

The poster of Jurassic Park 4

Well , these are the expected ones .. Lets see the ones with an announced release date ..

January , 2013

Texas Chainsaw and Massacre , Yes Hollywood starts the new year with blood and violence that too in 3D
Bollywood is offering "Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola" and Race 2 in the opening month ...


The music of Race 2 is already on the mind of the Youth , Yes the "Party on My Mind" song has captured the eyeballs of all . All the actors , Deepika , Jacquline , Saif and John Abraham are looking hot for crying out loud . 


February , 2013

Die Hard 5

Yes , The 5 installment is ready to take your breath away this valentines day , A Good Day to Die Hard , 14th Feb. Back In home we have the Bhatt camp coming up with Murder 3 

Sunny Leone in Murder 3

and Special 26 starring Akshay Kumar as a fake CBI officer with Anupam Kher..


March , 2013 

G.I.Joe part 2 is coming all guns blazing at you this month , in hindi film cinema only big flick is Saheb , Biwi aur Ganster Returns ...

The Rock in Films


April , 2013 

Scary Movie 5 and Ek Thi Dayaan having Emraan and Konkana Sen Sharma as leads ..

Emraan Hashmi Starrar Ek Thi Daayan

May , 2013 

May is one of the biggest month for Hollywood films as Iron Man 3 , Hangover 3 , Star Trek 2 and Fast and Furious 6 steps into the ring where as hindi film industry has Ranbir Deepika starrer Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and Shootout at wadala coming out ..

Iron Man 3 Latest

June , 2013 

Superman Man of Steel takes away the June with style ...

July , 2013

Despicable 2 , this comedy family picture is due in July with Disney's The Lone Ranger *Starring Johnny Depp* , Grown Ups 2 , Smurfs 2 and Wolverine 2 .. 

Jhonny Depp Latest

August , 2013 

Robocop , Red 2 and Percy Jackson 2 will hit the screen half past the 2013 ..

October , 2013 

The month would be erotically scary with Paranormal activity 5 and Sunny Leone in Ragini MMS 2 ..

November , 2013 

Belonging to the superheroes Thor 2 and Kkrish 3 ...

The offcial Thor 2 Poster

December , 2013 

The Hobbit 2 and P.K of Amir Khan and Anushka Sharma ..

The hobbit 2

Its gonna be a one hell of a year , When surviving gets tough find an escape route through some of the brilliance mentioned above .. Happy New Year of Cinema ..

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