Thursday, 22 November 2012

Operation X !

India , a country where justice takes 4 years to reach a man who killed Mumbai and 4 Minutes to the girl who raised a question on Mumbai Bandh ...

First of all I would like to congratulate our government for this "BRAVE" step ...

Well , What do Americans know ! ...
Going to a different country , Using technology to dodge the radar of the security systems , Killing the head of terrorism , Taking his dead body and evidence along , bury him in deep sea .. Naah , That was easy .. !!

Real shit is hanging the terrorist that was in captivation with you for four years ..

 Operation X , Sounds like a mission given to James Bond , no ? Well , it would be really difficult I can understand , I mean even Dengue couldn't kill the man .. Eating chicken is healthy after all ..

The best thing after this "accomplishment" of government is the apparent end of ..
"Name your Computer "Kasab" ..... it would never HANG" jokes ...

Justice was served , but just like "Maggi" we hoped it to be ready in 2 Minutes *Poor Us*

Kasab, The guy who killed 166 people ruthlessly ... 
Just like you go on a rampage in GTA after activating "ThugsTools" or "ProfessionalTools". 
He intended to kill thousand but ran out of ammunition .

How does a human could execute such a inhuman act ? .. Well , "Terrorism" is not a single person , the poor boy was brainwashed in the name of god and greed of money ...

Those celebrating the death of Kasab should remember ..

"We Killed a Terrorist today , Not the Terrorism"

Jokes apart , it is only the generosity of India that gave Kasab a chance to say anything in his defense ..
The punishment followed all the legal formalities , when clearly the crime was inexcusable ...
Talk about the crores we spent on his luxury living !! ..

What really is surprising is the former cricketer Imran Khan's party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's stand on the whole incident , They demand the execution of the death sentence given to Sarabjit ...

Its not a game where you just eliminate a person because we did yours ...
Sarabjit is being convicted and been given Death Sentence in Pakistan for terrorism charges ..
The allegations are fake enough to save the man .. He has been there for 21 years now .

Well , I appreciate the rejection of Mercy plea by Pranab Mukharji  ..
There were many sentiments related to him , the fact that he was drawing breathe only was hurting Mumbai ..

Kasab , You can hope of getting 72 Virgins but don't expect them to be Women !! 

                           Rest In Peace : To the soul of Kasab
                    May you get born in a world free of terrorism ...

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Welcome Winters .. !!

       "It's so Hot in here that Hell don't Scare Us .....
                and It's so Cool in Winters that Heaven don't scare Us .."

That is Delhi for ya ...

The season is shifting gradually , with the unwanted scorching Sun being seen as a Commando of a Rescue Operation .. 

The morning fog , the pleasant sunshine of 9 AM , The cool Breeze of 5 PM .. 
The fights at your work place or college  , a group saying turn the Fans on and others demanding the switch to be off ..

Well , The changing phase is beautiful , But soon you gonna witness an extreme chilled version of nature .

Hot Varun Delhi Winters

First and foremost , Thanks to "Ishq Wala Love" .. No , It didn't help me a fetch a gal , I am thanking on behalf of the youth , now When the fog is heavy and a Guy or Gal is walking alone they can always sing this one in their mind and have a feel of being on the sets ..

The Bathe-less Sundays .. 

The Manic Mondays *Winters are no reason , Monday is always being hated*

The dry skin , Ripped jeans being replaced by same pattern of Lips .

A reason for a Boyfriend to not shave and likewise for a girl for not wearing shorts ...

The instant friendship besides a small fireplace on streets ..

Delhi Extreme Winter

The golden hour , When the Sun shows up ...

Blaming the quilt for getting late to work ..

Fearing dog bite in the early mornings would be secondary thing , gotta avoid the frost bite first ..

The craving of Tea / Coffee in your bed more than that of your crush ..

and , yeah if Mayans are to be believed it would be the most lethal winters of all * Dec , 21 *

The wish that you'd still be a kid , when the schools announce holidays due to extreme cold ..

But the equalizer to all the negative points would be ...

No More Nagging from Mum to put the Bottles In Fridge !!

So Folks , 
Welcome the winter with open hearts but closed pullover , 
Take care ...  
We love you Winters ..

                               Winters : X November - X February

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