Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Olympics in Delhi !!

Thanks To Whoever It may Concern ...
                                                                Thanks for not Organizing the Olympics In Delhi .
Just think of the dire consequences ...

Gagan Narang , the sole Indian man who stood on the podium this year ... would have been aiming for the bulls-eye ... Only with instincts ... *Would have been a opportunity for Bindra to win tho :p *  .. Yeah The Blackout ...

Boxers risk getting punched around their Boxers , God forbid the Fencing .

Well ,Yeah Phelps could have beaten Usian Bolt on the Flooded Tracks .

And , hopefully Indian tennis Players could have been lucky in Water Courts ;)

See , We managed to gatecrash the event overseas imagine if it would have been a local affair ;) ... 

BlackOut .. Yeah Its In ...

"Bhenc*od" .. The first words when the fan got off ... The lights vanished .

"Misery loves Company"
The only quote that was cheering me up and helped to get through the night .

The Dark Knight , must say ....

Nothing unites two bitching *talkative* housewives more than a power cut ... more to the flame , it was a half nation affair !!!

Well , Besides Anna , Gagan and India's see saw performance in Cricket .. Media got a new issue to crib about .

The incident however gave a hindsight of an Alien Invasion  , for a change USA remained unaffected :p
Ohhh Yeah its "Koi Mil Gaya" ... E.T is not available ...

The Government first used to put the citizens in darkness .. This time they made it literal !!!

hmm as of me .. Electricity , another thing you can't be sure of in this country !!

Monday, 30 July 2012

Ice Age , No Eye's Age

The movie which combines Animation with Emotions .

     Its amazing how the production team every time makes us relate to the long extinct animals  .
  A mammoth  possessive and naive as a teenage dad .
     A Sabertooth , with a kind heart . *Vegetarian*
 And , a Sloth ... The most likeable ..

Well , The first part was a gem ... This one takes a backseat when talked about story and emotions .
But mind you the 3Dfication and humor is refreshing .

The movie gives Dieago a new Galfriend , While Sid gets to take care of her old *toothless* Granny .

The Granny is indeed funny , quite evident where Sid got ol his talent *read stupidity* from .

The track of her pet "Precious" is important and weaves the climax .

Last but not the least ... The ultimate searcher ...

He gets much , wait a minute .. Much Much Much More than he aspires , but can he stick to it ;) ??

All in all its time to keep your adult stale mind at homes and enjoy with the infants , take the whole family ...

4 out of 5 stars .

Sunday, 29 July 2012

One Night Under Clear Skies

Don't know why Night symbolizes dullness and sorrows in most of the literature , It has a charm of its own ...
and Moon , well yeah  <3 ...

Earlier That day ......

How beautiful the Sun is looking .... Sometimes nature just leaves you spellbound !!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Photographer in Me

The one I am proud of ...

Is it just me or everyone fantasize that they could talk to animals ..
   Telling them to pose .. Capturing the nature by will ...
        Awesome Fantasy <3 ... Apart from Angelina Jolie Though ;)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Some More Chances ..

Who doesn't remember the last time Olympic hero from India , Abhinav Bindra .
 The man is blessed with eyes that are capable of hitting Bulls-eye quite often .

Out of the 11 shooters participating for the quest of the shinning metal , he walks in with a lot of limelight and expectation . Everyone wants his gun ALL BLAZING !!

Ranjan Sodhi also can be a real underdog , upsetting some great opposition .

 MC Mary Kom

As , Female Boxing Debuts in Olympics so does the hopes on unarguably India's best female boxer Mary .
       The five time champion has a lot to adjust as she shifts from light fly-weight to Over fly-wieght but since 
       her qualification , I don't think she can upset the medal hunger .

The Chances

 Unless you win , The game "Sucks" ... That is the typical Human mentality .

Olympic is never been a good hunting ground for India ,
                   we have just 9 pieces of the shining metal in our  kitty .

The yesteryear's medals were all contribution of the national Game , Hockey *its not cricket*  .

Firstly , the brightest hope this year .... Archery ...

The wizard from India , the just turned "adult" *18* is shooting or gold while you are rushing for your Driver's License made , The World No. 1 Archer , Deepika Kumari is India's Biggest Bet This time around .

 Needless to say , The hopes of Team Event is also high .... London , Watch Out .. We are from the Land of
  Arjuna and Dhronacharya .

Now , with the magical Cock we have .... Saina Nehwal ...

Ohhh No , No Shuttle Cock

There couldn't be a better time for the shuttler to enter the big stage , having won the last two big titles Thailand Open and Indonesia Open earlier this year.


Sports - I bet you after hearing this word , the next in your thoughts would be "Cricket" *toking to Indians* , In a country with such a high Dominance of one sport , the window of opportunity for other sports is just like a little blocked rat hole .
   Cricket is like a Rich Girlfriend who steals the Charm of a faithful Housewife .

London Olympics , 2012 .. This year is different , the fever of the games is well above the Cricket Temperature .
Don't know whether it is the excessive display of Bat or Ball , or the recently *2 years* concluded Commonwealth *Corruption* Games in India , but the "aam aadmi" is now talking GOLD instead of Man Of Match .
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