Saturday, 29 September 2012

Barfi , Barf in Oscars ?

India , the country known as "Slumdog Millionaire" to the outside cinema goers is yet to debut to the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film .

Well , Bollywood has walked a miles away from the Immortal Heroes ( except Rajnikant ) , the fragile villains , the easy to kidnap hero's mother , the corrupt police officers , the thousands of street dancers just waiting for the lead to strike a move or the twins getting lost and reuniting years later .

The cinema quality has definitely improved , films like "Kahaani" , "Vicky Donor" , "Paan Singh Tomar" , "Barfi" have broken the shackles in recent times .

The most prestigious awards appreciating the filmmakers occurs annually , The biggest "movie manufacturing" film industry of ours , pack always 2 or 3 films of the potential to be nominated .
Don't know if the best of ours isn't the best overall , or the best of ours is chosen wrong .

Almost every year , 2 or 3 films are left grumpy for being left out of the race .

Mangal Pandey , Lage Raho Munnabhai , Udaan , Chak De and many more were left sulking due to the selection of somebody else' work .

I don't know about the other films , but this time it seems the shot has been made holding the gun in opposite direction , I am not against Anurag Basu's direction and the concept of the movie but it can't be an Oscar contender when it is clearly a mash-up of hollywood hits .

Gene Kelly's hit 'Singin in the Rain' (1952), 
Jackie Chan's 'Project A' (1983), 
Buster Keaton's 'Cops' (1922) and 'The Notebook' (2004) 
The plot has been linked to Benny & Joon', the 1993 film starring Johnny Depp, while the soundtrack has drawn further comparisons with the musical score from 'Amelie'.

*Taking nothing away from the acting of the stars , they really put the "act"
                                        in "Character" *

So , the film might be very entertaining and a combination of different brilliance but you can't hope of winning an Oscars with such plagiarism .
Though , Anurag Basu said it was a tribute to the the silent king Charlie Chaplin like the previous years winner "The artist" did , but it was more of a comeback to critics than to be a moral booster .

  The fresh hit of the year Vicky Donor could have donated an Oscar in
                              our kitty and surprised everyone .

 The social message was daftly delivered with the sugar coating of
                                comedy and emotions .

The background score was fresh and in sync with the expressions
                                          of the movie
The acting was natural and lovable , the new actress Yaami Gautam stole a million hearts and the well known VJ became a professional actor in the film .

What's done is done , It would be better if you don't get your hopes up from the academy awards this time also .. 

         Hope so one day , the best of the work is done and that  very work is being nominated .
    Till then enjoy the original spicy Bollywood , rich of emotions and logic ? Well , better don't seek it .

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Doomsday

2012 , a year believed to be very lethal in the history of humankind after 1994 (Justin Beiber's Birth) .
            Well , this year is lethal for lives , unlike the latter one , that was lethal only for ears .

On a serious note , 2012 is an intersection of various factors that points towards the total annihilation
                                        of humankind or any other life form .

The most popular and affective source of the doomsday are the Mayans , their prophecy took the world by storm . You all must be knowing about it well .

Lets look at December 21 , 2012 beyond the Mayans .

The Sun's Movement ..

     Being logical ,
           on the solstice of 2012 , that is Dec 21 ...
 The Sun will be aligned in the center of the 
             milky way .

A rare event that happens in 26,000 Years .

This means that "whatever energy typically streams to Earth from the center of the Milky Way will indeed be disrupted on 12/21/12 at 11:11 p.m. Universal Time," according to Lawrence Joseph .


Magnetic, and solar energies will go awry when this galactic and planetary alignment occurs , causing an array of natural disasters , including the weakening of our magnetic field , allowing solar radiation to penetrate our atmosphere and the 2012 Apocalypse.

 The probable Natural Disasters in the future ...

Super Volcano 

A super volcano is just a volcanic eruption that is being integrated many times for dire results ,
it can cause long lasting effects in the nature as triggering of an ice age or volcanic winter .
In addition of the deadly temperature , these volcano can blast billions and billions metric tons of Surphuric Acid in the atmosphere that would cover the whole world in a thick layer and will cause acid rain to pour .

Of particular interest is Lake Toba, Indonesia
Where magma build up has risen land mass over 3 miles higher than it's last eruption .
Is this the 2012 Apocalypse?

Asteroid or Comet

 433 eros the nearest comet to Earth ,
If made an impact than would strike with a energy equivalent to 100 million megatons of TNT .

The impact would crave out a 100 km diameters shaped hole , the subsequent effects would be earthquakes , mega earthquakes we can say with the magnitude of 10 or above .
The tsunami trouble would be next with waves as long as 50 to 100 meters .

Solar Pole reversal .

Polar reversal is process by which the North and South pole reverses position. According to a new study, when polar reversal is in early stage (which is now), the tectonic plates are heavily affected by the changing electro magnetic fields and the result is change in flux characteristics affecting the gravity.
The subsequent affects of this are ...
Pestilence and Disease , Global Warming , Floods , Fires .

These were some possible natural disasters by which the end of world could be scripted .

Now lets move towards , Astrological Ages ....

The astrological ages are the same as the Sun signs , the only difference is that they follow a retrograde .
That means , Pisces being the first ....
Each age approximately lasts up to 2,150 years .
2012 is believed to be the transition age from Pisces to Aquarius .

The sign of  Aquarius is that of the servant of humanity pouring out the water of knowledge to quench the thirst of the world.

To create this age of beauty and splendor after the year 2012, one has to destroy. When we can clearly observe the zodiacal sign of Aquarius, this is the dawn of a new age. Aquarius is the house of Uranus and Saturn. Uranus is a revolutionary, terrible, catastrophic planet. Saturn, reminds us of chaos, the return to the point of original departure.

Many have predicted a "Golden Age" into the early part of the New Millennium. They believe that the Age of Aquarius with all its splendor and beauty has to fully manifest beyond 2012. It is believed that humanity will go through a radical transformation after the year 2012.

Does that mean Apocalypse ??

There were numerous more prophecies but , Nostradamus stands firm ..

He predicted Hitler and Napoleon .
What Nostradamus did prophesize that a great war would come, preceded by famine, drought and a series of other natural disasters. This war will last 27 years, after which there will be one thousand years of peace, or a new golden age.

Bible also speaks of The Four Horsemen 
in the sixth chapter of Book of Revelation .
The four horsemen represent , Conquest , War , Famine and Death . 

Will The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse be unleashed on the Earth in the Great Apocalypse of 2012?

Well , the chances are there ... Although the thought of total annihilation seems moot now but still a major event taking comparatively many lives can very possibly happen on the "Doomsday" . 

Stay safe , stay healthy , Respect and Believe in god .... Amen !!!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

9/11 beyond WTC ...

The morning of 11th September was quite usual ...
                                           only till some Airplanes stared bumping into buildings ....

NO , No Aliens weren't responsible  .. That is just on movie screens ,
                                                     In real life humans are the biggest enemies of themselves . 

On that tormenting Tuesday , some (19 to be precise) Al Qaeda militants set on a death mission when they Hijacked 4 passenger airplanes only to crash them in important economic structures .

 Imagine yourself , working on a computer in your office ..
       You relax for a moment ,
                 look outside for a break ...
                          BOOM there is a Big fat cockpit charging at you around 800 miles an hour !!!
         Apart from Final Destination ,
                       this was actually experienced by the World Trade Center , 95th floor employees .
                                                Terrifying isn't it !!!!

Well , you all must have heard a lot about the Twin towers , in fact when there is a mention of 9/11 , we automatically imagine the two buildings coughing out the smoke in the backdrop of Statue of Liberty .

But ...
      Terror didn't stop here only ... There were two more highjacked planes in the hands of Al Qaeda .

One was crash landed in the Pennsylvania , short of its alleged target, the Capital 
                                                     and the other one smashed The Pentagon .

Ironically ...
 The attack cause a collapse in the Building on the very same day on which it was built a 60 years ago . 
                                                                    11th September , 1941 .

    The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense .
                               The Symbol of  U.S Military got the name Pentagon due to the shape of its .
                            The shape that survived .

 The Pentagon covers the largest  area as an office building in the whole world ...
                                                          with about 6,500,000 sq ft (600,000 m2) ...
With variety of offices and convenient stores , its a state in itself ...

The five hijackers chose American Airlines Flight 77 , for this evil deed .

Around  9 : 37 AM  ...

The front part of the plane caressed the Western Side of The Pentagon and went en route to destruction .
All the passengers , 64 died including the 125 people in the Pentagon .
The casualties are huge , but look at this impact ...


The damage could have been much more dreadful , thanks to the structure and facilities there ...
There were some crucial renovation after the Oklahoma City Bombing .

First of all ,
The sprinkle system that was just now installed in the Western region (Only part of Pentagon having one at that time) , the enormous heat came down a bit .

During fire or explosion , most of the people die because of suffocation ..
Thanks to the Bomb proof windows , Which were put up at expense of around 2,500 pounds each . Just a year before the 9/11 , year 2000 .
They didn't cracked after such a bit hit and saved many live on the upper floor .

The adjacent side of the attacked area was shut for renovation ...
                            Out of the possible 4,500 Employees only 800 were there .

In a way , the pentagon was ready for the attack , even after being opened up , being molested by the plane , the walls took 30 minutes to collapse , buying enough time for the survivors to get out .

The fightback started in 2006 and a park , a memorial with 184 benches was opened up for public after 2008 . Each bench have an age of a victim , from 3 to 71 .

Its been 11 years , The Pentagon stands , the symbol of perseverance and undying spirit ...
                                Humanity floats apart all the dirt of world .

           9/11 Killed around 3,000 People in The U.S and left numerous mourning souls .

                         Rest In Piss : Terrorism .

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

*The REEL Teachers*

Our teachers have scolded us , twisted our ears and taught us some significant lessons while shaping our personalities for life . Bollywood actors , have played their part in immortalizing teachers on the silver screen . The Cranky Virus of 3 Idiots , the sexy Chaandni of Main Hoon Na or the extra caring mentor of Darsheel in Taare Zameen Par . What is your pick ? Bollywood has always given Teachers an important role in the reel drama . The shades may vary from grey to gay , but they cannot be picked out of action .

Although the past have seen Teachers only being heartthrob and leaving the students smitten , Simmi Garewal in “Mera Naam Joker” , Sushmita in “Main Hun Naa” .

 Shah Ruk Kahn , (Mohabbatein) well the teacher who did everything else except for teaching , he was  focused on finding more girlfriends for his students .

Ram Shanker Nikumbh , Remember ? . He was quite hot choice when asked to couple of middle school students . The teacher that saw what the parents couldn’t in their child ( Taare Zammen Par) the approach of his won many hearts , we don’t know how much feasible his ways were , but he sure has impressed the young ones . “It would be great if fun and learning could be combined” , an eight class student Ravi suggested criticizing the present education system .

Aamir , as student also left an impact on many students , The 3 Idiots’s Ranchood Das Chanchad and the way he messes with his Dean Virus made the movie earn big time . “I don’t know about my favorite choice but am sure I don’t want a Teacher like Virus “ said an engineering student , Kalpesh .

There were many more teachers that left a gaping hole in our memory , Shahid and Ayesha in Paathshala , Shahid again in Chance Pe Dance  , Saif and Deepika in Aarakshan and Amitabh in several of his hits .

Some serious teaching was showcased in the critically acclaimed movie , Black . Amitabh Bachhan did a fabulous work with a kid on which most of the doctors had given up .  The movie got great appreciation and will always be a delight to watch . Inspired many kids to face the world and forget about their with  disabilities .
Stanley ka Dabba again took the audiences to the classrooms and displayed a new angle of teacher-student relationship .
“Iqbal gave me a lot of confidence , When a guy with no resources and stand up and represent the country in stadium , Why I can't ? “ a rhetorical question by Ram , Cricket team captain , DU .

All in all , Bollywood has moved from the the “Filmi” teacher to  a much more realistic and a figure of teacher which we can relate to .

So this teachers day , grab out for the CD’s of movie in which you have your favorite teacher  . Watch them and remember how big a part their scolding played in your life ? The sit-ups won’t hurt and the kneel down won’t be humiliating anymore . Happy teacher day to all .

Monday, 3 September 2012

Thorium Scam !!

Well , just another feature to the CONgress' Cap .. *Crow Feathers*

 The stains of the previous Gate ,
                   Coal-gate weren't washed off and the "Khamoshi" was being justified over a "Hazaaaron Jawaab" , a new Element came up to haunt the party in power .

If the scientific skills of the sources are to be believed , this one is the biggest of all ...
you heard it right , bigger than the Coalgate amount ....
                        48 Lakh Crore !!!!

Soon , Teachers will ask ... "List the elements that are related with scams"
                                                            , and students would forget a dozen with too many to remember .

The bottom line or lets say the bottom mine is the
                                     sands of the shores of states like Orissa , Kerala and Tamil Nadu .

Monazite , a raw material that is believed to be a source yielding 8 to 10 % of thoriumis in abundance in the above listed regions .

Thorium is converted into an isotope of uranium which is used to feed nuclear reactors and can be used multiple times to generate electricity, creating a seemingly endless cycle of fuel availability .

Thorium can free us from the dependance of the import of Uranium,
Which is done at  high stakes to run  nuclear power plants .
It can also help in developing limitless amounts of fuel since it could be extracted from sand on beaches.

 Since the UPA government assumed office in 2004 with Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister,
                                                2.1 million tones of Monazite,
                          equivalent to 195,300 tonnes of thorium at 9.3 per cent recovery,
                                              has disappeared from the shores of India.

Monazite is estimated to be $100 per tonne , the loss sums up to 48 Lakh Crore , excluding the incalculable   development loss to the nuclear fuel programme .

There is no ban on export of this precious ore . 

What surprises me is the ignorance of paid media , the scam of a magnitude like this is not covered instead they are focusing on the "Halkat Jaawani" of Kareena Kapoor .

They say , Ignorance is Bliss .... its Money-making too ......

*Loki got just another reason to be jealous and do something evil , THORium scam* 
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