Saturday, 4 April 2015

Suresh Raina updates Facebook Status after getting Married.

New Delhi - After the heartbreaking loss in the World Cup 2015, finally  a happy occassion came for the Indian Cricket team in the form of "#RainaKiShaddi" (Raina's Wedding). A happy Suresh Raina updates his status on Facebook, read on ...

Raina Wedding Shaadi Funny Twitter Facebook
Exclusive screenshot of Raina's Facebook post.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Deepika Padukone Reaction on the My Choice video controversy, Apologizes at the end

Mumbai - The Vogue initiative to "empower women" failed miserably when the Deepika Padukone starring #MyChoice video faced criticism on Facebook & Twitter. Fed up of the outrage Deepika updated her facebook status and a frenzy of celebrities reacted on her stand. Read on.

Deepika My Choice Funny Twitter Facebook

Salman Khan Driver's Status after shocking Confession in the Hit & Run Case

Mumbai - The 13 year old pending Salman Khan hit & run case took an unexpected turn when his driver confessed that he was driving the car instead of Salman Khan. The confession led to various reaction on Facebook & Twitter but the most amazing came from his own driver. Read the exclusive screenshot.

Salman Khan Hit & Run Driver Funny
The exclusive screenshot of Driver's Facebook post.
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