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Demystifying Bhangarh, the Haunted Fort.

One of the most infamous place for the supernatural experiences, Bhangarh is a place near Dausa a remote village of Rajasthan. For all of those who don't know me, I would like to establish some credibility for my post so .. I am a journalism student and we planned to visit Bhangarh on a Amavasya Ki Raat to decode the things said about that place. I am not from the Tourism Department of Rajasthan so you can trust on my experiences and facts that I present to you. Not to pat on my own back , but this could be the most objective experience of Bhangarh.

Bhangarh Fort

We forgot to take a DSLR , so the pictures won't be saying the 1000 words which I wanted to tell , manage please. Also I never proof-read so manage my grammatical errors and typos !

Planning and Logistics

I got to know about Bhangarh when I was in first year of my college and wanted to go their as soon as possible, so finally went there .... In the final year year of my college. The Google maps show a distance of 240 Kms from Delhi to the 'land of Ghosts'.

We were six friends and unfortunately the car we had that day was a five seater, a special thanks to the Winters for making the trip bearable. We got aboard on set sail around 5 PM. *Still a car , not a boat*

The Journey

It was just like a normal night-out-drive on NH-8 but the unusual started when we took a less traveled cut towards Bhangarh leaving the comfort of a National Highway and heading towards a road with tall pointy grass on both sides .. not to forget the occasional bumps that fished for phrases like "oo Bhencho" "Saale Aandha hai kya " and "Yaar wapas ghar bhi jana hai".

Enroute Bhangarh

As we inched closer to the destination the path shrinked and worsened, a road where you cannot drive at a speed more than 10 Km/hr. We were not scared of the Ghosts as of now but the thought of a robbery , a gang of Dacoits were giving us enough thrill. A special momento to the farmer who crossed the road with his huge Camel and made us stop our car. *Making us suspicious about his intentions and yes crapping our pants too*.  In the way we saw many unusual things like Dogs, Sign Boards, Reflectors etc .. Everything was looking scary to sum up I would quote myself from that moment "Saala Delhi mein Chudail bhi saamne aa jaye to bologe marna hai kya ? Hatt samne se .. and yahan har cheez ko Chudail samajh rahe hai".

With the help of an experienced Smartphone, being the only one who knew the way he reached our destination and he reached his i.e "Battry Low, Connect Charger".

"Chale Kya ? .. Ruko Saalo" Moments

So we were in front of the humongous fort gate .. No fucking trace of lights ! Fogs on our window, Car lights off and the debate started, "Kya Kare Abb". We never did this kind of serious discussion for even our college assignments but this was special. Finally, we gathered some courage and opened the car gates .. It was ok , not much to fear from. 

It was 20 seconds .. We hear a howl and a drizzle comes out of nowhere ... trust me It would have been the world record for the fastest time 6 boys gets into a Swift. A bit too embarassed but I latched on my friend on the first seat like Shaggy used to on Scooby Doo *Seriously , Exactly the same*.


We decided to go back a bit . There was this Chaiwalla *Anil Kapoor has ruined the word* 6 kms away from the fort and there was civilization. *This place was very crucial for us , we would come back here again later in the story*. We decided to talk to the locals just like they do in a horror movie and to our surprise they replied as they do in horror movie. "Aage mat jana saab .. acha nahi hoga" was the very first suggestion, however we sat there had Chai and Sutta and started conversing with them. Thier point was rational "Bhoot woot ka pata nahi par jungali janwar zaroor milte hai aage .. Wo maar dete hai logo ko aur naam bhoot pe aa jata hai". This statement fueled courage in all of us and the mutual consense was to go immediately back in the fort.

First Experience

So in 10 Minutes we were again in front of the fort .. bit more confident.

Gates are closed after Sunset

As soon as we turned the engine off one of us said "BC .. Handbreak chod" the driver *Not actually a driver* said he didn't do anything .. he felt the car moving towards the gate .. soon did another one .. then I did and then did the fourth one , Coincidence ? Out of the Six of us 4 felt that , the only to not to experience that was a guy who was sleeping at the back seat and the guy who was driving the car and checking how much diesel was left.

The friend who was at the driver seat obviously thought we were kidding and refused to go back this time .. however after a couple of "Maa Kasam bhai" and "Chal Nahi to teri maa ***" he finally reversed the car , for the second time !

The safe base camp that was 6 Kms ago was our hault again .. This time we saw a Policeman. We talked about the fort he said "Agar Zada hi shauk hai Bhoot dekhne ka to main raasta btata hoon andar jaane ka .. Kile ke darwaze to 5 baje tak khulenge".

In hesitation we were going to say "Rhene Do Bhai" but the braveass driver , the friend who didn't feel anything yet, said "Haa Uncle btao jaldi". You gotta appreciate his convincing skill and the influence of his was much more that Kejriwal and Modi combined .. You don't easily convince 5 people to go back in the worlds top haunted fort that has the reputation of "Those who goes after Sunset never comes back" *Check Google*.

Here is the audio , mind the gaalis. 
And the time was fictitious in this. 

*Sorry Right now I am not able to upload it , would notify you after updating*

Doing Chutiyap   Going in the Fort 

We sneaked in , I cannot believe I was that brave and stupid to that just the another night. Each step was as heavy and small as we take exiting a crowed metro at Rajiv Chwok. I thoght I was an atheist but then I chanted "Jai Siya Ram" we murmured it after every "strange noise".

I don't know what was it, but we heard 
1) Howls.
2) Strange animal noises.
3) Women Laughing (YES, very far away but yes we did)
4) A friend saying "Wapas Chalo Saalo , Subah Aayenge"
    FYI, The last one was me. 

But we continued exploring the place , which we cannot stay at all. I never felt so much gratitude for the Flashlight App on Android , it was the only thing from which we could see whats ahead. 

Bhangarh Fort

Every person makes mistake , we were six .. so there was one for each one 

1) Me : Planning the Trip.
2) Sanket : Forgetting the DSLR
3) Zishaan : Taking us in.
4) Ajay : Not Taking any Torches.
5) Akhil : Eating all we had.
6) Sagar : No baseball bats or Sticks.

The ones that hurt us deeply were Sanket and Ajay and Sagar's.

In case a wild animal attacks we would first move the 5 inch mobile in all direction to know its location and then throw small pebbles we picked on the way in after hearing the noises. *C'mon Salute Us* 

The Four Hours in the Fort.

I never wished to see the sun so desperately, it was very dark and we walking in an unknown place. However by God's grace we didn't had any encounter with wild animals and those laughing women.
The four hours felt like forty but then finally the morning arrived. 

We were alive ! We did it. *Next Bharat Ratna for us* 

Now the place looked entirely different , the haunted was replaced by amazing , beautiful , magnificent. The place was so aesthetic that I cannot find words to describe it. 

Bhangarh Fort  Haunted


There is no such thing as Ghosts, Sorry if you read this just before your trip but it is true. The experiences we had must have been the hallucination of our mind following the stories of the place. But the noises and the experiences were true. May be we were just lucky and there are Ghosts .. Who Knows !

But , Bhangarh is a "must go before you die" place for sure. 

Plan a trip , conquer your curiosity. 

Bhangrah Haunted
The fort

Monday, 9 December 2013

Power .. Politics : Transformation of 4 Days.

It was the Delhi election day, every morning chill was just settling down. I saw a weak man in camouflage raising his hand and greeting everybody in a very typical yet amateur Political way as I was waiting for my turn to vote in the queue. After a bit of recollection I recognized him, he was Surender Singh the AAP candidate for Delhi Cantt.

I knew about his heroics in the 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks and the plight he went through after it, I was excited .. thrilled, to be more precise.  I had the inner urge to talk to him but till the time I could think of my first words to start the conversation, he went past me and started meeting other voters in the queue. The queue was long and I was not in a mood to get out of it after being so close to the polling both. A bit clueless being a first time voter, I proceeded and registered my vote.

"Finally, I am a responsible citizen" the voice in my head said as I looked at the dark ink mark on my finger. I was heading home but I caught Surender Singh talking to some people just outside the election center. I had to talk to him, following my instincts I went up to him and even before I could think of saying something he spoke with a Haryanvi dialect, "Aur Bhai Daal Diya Vote ?". "Aapko hi diya hai .. abb nirash na karna" I replied with a chuckle. "Arey Sewa ka mauka to do aap" he said with his hand patting me on back and assuring me I voted for the right candidate.

Aam Aadmi Party Delhi Cantt

We were just some seconds in the conversation and it was hindered by a policeman , late in his 30s. "Oye yahan gate ke saamne khade mat ho .. chalo yahan se" shouted the man with a huge beer-belly. Surender Singh in a very calm and composite manner explained him "Bhai .. Main Pravakta hoon Aam Aadmi Party ka" to this the Inspector reacted a bit more angrily saying "Koi Bhi ho .. chalo yahan se , Duty karne do hume", the retired Commando very humbly said ,"Chalo bhai haat rahe hai" and moved aside.

Its been five days, the new candidate defeated the mighty Karan Singh Tanwar and is now the ruling the Delhi Cantonment Constituency for Aam Aadmi Party. The man who fought bravely for 14 years in wars and operations like Kargil War, Operation Parakram, Operation Sadbhavna and Operation Black Thunder was freed of his duty when he was injured by an enemy grenade, losing his hearing ability. 

The man who was nothing a few days ago has now got everybody's attention, the party name justifies the representatives of its, it would be really interesting to watch that policeman coming face to face with Surender Singh now , the "Aam Aadmi" turned VIP.

Surender Singh Aam Aadmi Party

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