Monday, 9 December 2013

Power .. Politics : Transformation of 4 Days.

It was the Delhi election day, every morning chill was just settling down. I saw a weak man in camouflage raising his hand and greeting everybody in a very typical yet amateur Political way as I was waiting for my turn to vote in the queue. After a bit of recollection I recognized him, he was Surender Singh the AAP candidate for Delhi Cantt.

I knew about his heroics in the 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks and the plight he went through after it, I was excited .. thrilled, to be more precise.  I had the inner urge to talk to him but till the time I could think of my first words to start the conversation, he went past me and started meeting other voters in the queue. The queue was long and I was not in a mood to get out of it after being so close to the polling both. A bit clueless being a first time voter, I proceeded and registered my vote.

"Finally, I am a responsible citizen" the voice in my head said as I looked at the dark ink mark on my finger. I was heading home but I caught Surender Singh talking to some people just outside the election center. I had to talk to him, following my instincts I went up to him and even before I could think of saying something he spoke with a Haryanvi dialect, "Aur Bhai Daal Diya Vote ?". "Aapko hi diya hai .. abb nirash na karna" I replied with a chuckle. "Arey Sewa ka mauka to do aap" he said with his hand patting me on back and assuring me I voted for the right candidate.

Aam Aadmi Party Delhi Cantt

We were just some seconds in the conversation and it was hindered by a policeman , late in his 30s. "Oye yahan gate ke saamne khade mat ho .. chalo yahan se" shouted the man with a huge beer-belly. Surender Singh in a very calm and composite manner explained him "Bhai .. Main Pravakta hoon Aam Aadmi Party ka" to this the Inspector reacted a bit more angrily saying "Koi Bhi ho .. chalo yahan se , Duty karne do hume", the retired Commando very humbly said ,"Chalo bhai haat rahe hai" and moved aside.

Its been five days, the new candidate defeated the mighty Karan Singh Tanwar and is now the ruling the Delhi Cantonment Constituency for Aam Aadmi Party. The man who fought bravely for 14 years in wars and operations like Kargil War, Operation Parakram, Operation Sadbhavna and Operation Black Thunder was freed of his duty when he was injured by an enemy grenade, losing his hearing ability. 

The man who was nothing a few days ago has now got everybody's attention, the party name justifies the representatives of its, it would be really interesting to watch that policeman coming face to face with Surender Singh now , the "Aam Aadmi" turned VIP.

Surender Singh Aam Aadmi Party

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