Thursday, 15 December 2011

A Delhi Blogger

Sandeep Singh

Hey world , just a teenager who shifted gears from Orkut to Facebook to Twitter and now to Blogs ...
Don't know the science of being a successful one but hey who can stop you from setting up a race with a train ...

Sandeep Singh

Making Mistakes since 2nd Feb , 1994 ..
Did the latter part of my schooling from Delhi ..
 and Now doing Journalism from here itself ..

Sand-d Stewart

 An animal lover ..
 Depp Fan ( Jack Sparrow) ..
 12 o' Clock wisher ..
Active Member for a Social Cause ..

Sand-d Stewart

Favorite Quotations

"It is not the destination so much as the journey "
"I'll play fair when i get to make the rules " !!
"Bros before Hoes" !!
"Even the rock becomes sand, just a matter of time" 

Sand-d Stewart

Summing Up -

I am the guy who makes ':)' on a foggy window instead of writing 'Fuck off' .... 

The one who sits on the middle benches .... 
The one who skips few lines to win 'Who will note it down first' challenge .... 
Puts up with crap to make people happy ... 
Laughs on silly jokes ... 
Little things matter to me and can make up or fuck up my mood 

Ohh Yeah , 
My Nick Name is Sandy and I am not a Hurricane ...

Sandeep Singh
 Signing off ..
            Sandeep Singh / Sand-d Stewart / @Sand_In_Deed

Sandeep Singh

The "Dirty" Picture

If you are mature enough to get through the "dirtiness" it is a well made film , the main asset of the movie is the dialogues .. from obscene like "holi khelne ka shauk to hai , par pichkari mein dum nahi hai " to sophisticated as "touch to bhot logo ne kiya hai chua kisi ne nhi hai " .. 

  A full entertainer with both the halves well balanced , Vidya or Silk's character is totally unpredictable and thats the highlight of the story , Nasrudeen does justice with making people hate him , Tusshar has a short track and is well fit in and in the end Emraan's character draws applaud in the end .. all in all a must watch .. 4 on 5 stars !!
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