Sunday, 21 April 2013

Increasing Rapes : Chandramuki Chautala to join Delhi Police .

Rape City , Delhi :   

"The only thing they (Delhi Police) learnt from Nirbhaya's case was to ill treat the peace protest that happen afterwards" , said a disturbed Prime Minister . * YES HE TALKED , imagine how grave the situation is * .

PM disturbed Gudiya Rape Delhi

The reports of Rapes are coming on a regular basis , but the recent one that got the whole nation's attention was the brutality with a 5 year old girl . The kid was traumatized for as long as three days and had severe wounds in her genitals . 

A 200 ml hair oil bottle and two Candles stuffed  in her private parts .

The inglorious Police were already being criticized for not taking proper and quick action , to make it worse the Parents of the "victim" slapped even more shameful allegations on the state Police . "They offered me 2,000 Rs to hush up saying I should not make the case public and be happy that at least she is alive ." *True Story*

Delhi Rape Gudiya Protest

"I am having a Deja-vu , We would protest , They would imply Sec-144 A , Fast Track court would take the cases and ? . And nothing after a month or so again this would happen . Why can't you hang the rapist right here , right now ? ." argued 22 year old Swati .

We tried to contact the CM , Sheila Dikshit but she was not home . Maybe is busy filling the Water Cannons up or practicing a speech written by her PR person .

The Police is now pro-active , no not against the crime . The security at Rashtrapati Bhavan has been increased by many folds , they learn from the past but just wrong bits .

The PM further said , "The ACP of Gandhi Nagar has been suspended and I woud like to inform you that we have elected Chandramuki Chautala from FIR to take his place . I have seen her solve many cases , hope she could do that here also like she did in Imaan Chowki ." The reporters were quite amazed by PM , but they were happy that at least he is concerned .

Rape Delhi FIR

Rahul Baba was soon to join the bandwagon , "ACP and Daya should also be a part of Delhi Police , Daya Kisi ko ek baar maarta hai to fir wo to direct jail mein hi jaata hai ." He was hoping for another outrage against him but seems the online world is now accustomed to his stupidity .

However , many legal experts are still backing the PM , "What Delhi needs now  is a Strong Woman who can feel the emotions of the people and act aptly , Moreover she would feel home with so many constables with broken English and a Bear Belly ."

Navjot Singh Pidu talked to Faking News , "Guru Sharam Ki Baat Hai Ye , Kya Kar Rahi hai Police ? Police Station mein baith ke IPL dekh Rahi Hai ? . Wo bhi din bhar Kahan aata Hai , Highlights bhi dekhte ho ? "  

Many satellite dish companies capitalized by introducing their Live tv recording feature with the tagline "Harworking Indians . For those who don't have time to watch TV " .

We got in touch with Woman of the moment , Chautala , 
"Bhai Yo Jo Ho Raha See Dilli Mein , Bada Galat Ho Riha Hai . Ab main aa Gayi hun , aisa Danda Chalaungi Ke Saale Sab Mardo ki akal Neeche se Jo Hai , Upar aa jayegi . Kya Kehte hai Tumhara .. Right Piiilace mein . Ha . "

The constable with her ended the conversation with , 
"Diilhi Abb Nahi Karegi Crime Sehen is the , Mom aake karengi Rapists Ki Maa-Bhen is the . "

Monday, 1 April 2013

Hills , Rivers and Friends

Well , You know the ingredients mentioned above when mixed in a right proportion could result in a killer dish . ( Sorry Master-chef Fans , That is all I would talk about cooking )

As you would have guessed (Most of you) , this post is about my trip to Rishiskesh and Haridwar .

The Strongest Bonds are made in Heaven .
Well ,  That was the very basic idea with which we planned a trip to the Heaven's replica .

The experiences and lessons we learn t were invaluable , It is not possible to describe it into words .

Yeah , but I am giving it a shot ;)

Lets look at it day by day ..

Day 0

"Bhot Ho Gaya Salo abb toh Kahin Ki Trip Bnao" , you might have heard these words often while hanging out with your friends . Well , it started off from the same point .
Out of no where , the next day  I saw  a list with the names and the amount due .
Being a guy who was held back from playing Cricket just because of the fear of hitting by the ball , I really didn't had much hope of my Dad's approval .
However  , with the garnishing of some white lies I asked my Father about the "Educational Trip" .
I don't know if my stars were aligned perfectly or was it just the alcohol , but my Dad just gave a green signal without even  a second thought .

Day 1

The little doors of the cage opened ,  we were all set to take our first independent step ..
We were all pumped up and excited but we forgot one thing ! ...
We were going by Indian Railways !!
The excitement drained out by each passing minute on that big Station clock .

Indian Railways Station Clock

Finally , after almost 110 Minutes of delay our train arrived .. We were charged up ..

Sleeping , Eating , Singing , Teasing , Beating we had so much to do that the six hour journey felt like seconds .
We reached the Holy (Read Dirty) Haridwar Railway Station around 11 P.M .

Did I mention we were 13 friends together ? Never mind , so out of the total only 2 % were feeling sleepy . We just threw our stuff in the Hote Room and went on to Harki Podi  for taking a dip . AT MIDNIGHT ..
The freezing water however gently whispered in our ears , "You Sure ?" .
The consensual answer of the majority was a No , a big fat No .

So , After just having a cold feat . I mean literally cold feat by putting them in the river we headed back to our place . Also important to mention the Tea Break we took in between .

This all was so new to most of us that we were not believing it is actually real ! It was really difficult to sleep for the soul , but the mind was nagging the eyes for not doing so ..

I was about to surrender but then there are friends ! I would have uttered some hurtful stuff back then , but  I really enjoyed the 4 am chats on the top of the roof .  

The alarm of the next day was set at 6 am , we had to leave for Rishikesh for camping . I decided to capitalize on the 2 hours window , but ended up a Goat for a Prank . Its good that I don't get scared easily ;)

Day 2 

After the *Full of* Sound sleep of first day , We woke up tired but the imagination of putting up in a camp and sitting next to a bonfire worked as an antidote .

Fighting for "Who would go next in the Washroom ?" we got ready . Ok it may sound a bit filmy but yes we were feeling like we are in Roadies and we have set out for our next task .

Nothing is better than an open car with stereos blaring out loud music  for traveling in such places , Unfortunately our trip was not sponsored by Karan Johar . But , a two side open auto with "Fevicol Se" leaking out of the speakers was close enough .

Singing , Dancing , Ducking down on bumpy roads we reached Rishikesh . It was an hour drive but the minutes passed like words in a rap song .

"Paddy Adventures" , Yes the company that arranged the rafting and camping programmes for us *Sir , Advertising Partner , Can I  ?" . I don't know whether we were VIPs or Paddy Bhai is that generous for all but he was there to Welcome us in Rishikesh itself .

Enough of details , next thing we did was boarded on Safaris for going to the Camps , A tipsy turny road led us to the venue . The journey was full of "OO BC" , "Awww" *Yes Girls* and "Wo Dekh Yaaar" , You can imagine the landscape ! 

Cool Hangout

As soon as we stuffed our luggage in our respective tents , we hit the shores . Wearing life jackets , we entered the waves also . It was just amazing , the cold , pure water of Ganga was soothing the tired soul of ours . 

Cool Hangout College

After the fun and frolics of a couple of hours , we returned to our camps * Barely 10 m from the river* . It was lunch time , Must appreciate the food *Paddy Bhai I deserve some profit ;) * .

 The afternoon saw us watching beach volleyball  and sitting on the shores and throwing pebbles in the river . 

Cute Couple on Beach

Did i describe the view from the tent ? Just like the painting we use to make in our Kinder-Garten times , a huge Hill behind which the sun sets a free flowing river and some more hills in the close vicinity .

Tent in Rishikesh

Finally came the bonfire time , with snacks and stories of ghosts nothing could have been more comfortable than the warmth of the fire .
Well , I don't believe in Ghosts and so didn't my friends in Sleeping . To be precise , the five of them . It was adventure time , around the storke of midnight we decided to go for a stroll near the beach area . Went a little too far , then I realized the light emitted from the lantern in my hand , Yeah I had to put in efforts . I now know why wild animals killed a lot of people in the olden times ! 

Bonfire in Rishikesh

After a successful prank of one , the rest were scared . After abusing him we decided to go back to the base camp *Always Wanted to Say That* . The scenary I must say was life the sets of Twilight , The big full moon ahead and Hills with gaint trees around .
Finally , after playing some more pranks we surrendered to sleep .
Day 3 .

Rafting Day .

The day all of us were waiting for .

Rafting in Rishikesh

After just some introductory lessons we boarded in our raft . Rafting doesn't sound much cool , Well its full name is WHITE WATER RAFTING . Seems a big thing now , hai na ?
There was one "Raft Guy" with us , the good thing about him was he was always smiling *It annoyed us later , Will tell you* . The journey started with "Twinkle Twinkle little star , Ganga Maiyya Super Star" other such brilliant work of poetry :p

Rafting Rishikesh

It was going all well in the plain water , but as soon as the first rapid *Area with gigantic waves* came my shorts were wet even from the inside . The cold water just splashed us to a corner of the raft , although the "Raft Guy" managed to save it from flipping .

Then we crossed some more Rapids , now the fear was being transformed into the adrenaline rush and we were enjoying . Then came plain waters , our "Raft Guy" told us to jump out of the raft .


Yes , now we were annoyed by his smile . Terrified , holding the ropes of the raft we asked "Bhaiyaa , Koi Dubb Jaye to Aap Bachane Jate Ho Na ?" he with a smile and a modest face replied "Nahi , bhaiyaa . Nahi Aayenge" .
However , we gathered the courage and left the ropes . A.M.A.Z.I.N.G was the word *Actually it was Bhencho* , it was like floating on the clouds *Life Jackets* . Beneath us was the 80 ft. river .
After 15 minutes of "Swimming" he pulled us back on the raft . By now , we started to love  him a little less . Fair Enough No ?
The 16 KMs felt barley 60 Meters , and next we know we were lifting our raft out of water .
That day we stayed in Rishikesh itself , Thanks again Paddy Bhai the resort you recommended us was awesome . I fear they would not think of us the same way ;) , Well there were few complaints about the ruckus we created on a regular basis . 

Day 4

The last day , we went back to Haridwar . The three days were for us , this day we thought of buying Souvenirs for family and friends and Girlfriends *Not Me* . The first thing you can take as souvenir from Haridwar is the holy "GangaJal" *Damn You Student of the Year* , we took it and went shopping for other handicrafts and clothes .
The next day we had our train at 5 AM .
"Koi Nahi Soyega Aaj Saala" was the motto of the night , Yes most of them still slept . 

Day 5

This time we used all of our seats , came back sleeping the whole journey .

Days of Distress

Well , Day 6 .. 7 .. 15 .. 18 . Till the very recent present we suffered from hangover . Chill Parents , the Holiday Hangover .
Alcohol is banned in Haridwar for its the only place where you can get high by being sane .


The five days taught us the lessons we would have not learn in a 5 years span . You gotta take the wind by your own little wings if you want to rule the sky later .
Parents and Teachers can just feed you with knowledge , only friends can experiment it with you .

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