Sunday, 28 October 2012

Gangnam Style , Breaks Guinness ..

                                       The artist is PSY and the audience PSYCHO over it .. !!
   The viral video Gangnam Style proves that music has no language , or at least insanity travels way faster ...

The Viral Video Gangnam Style

                                   The south Korean pop star has a truck load of destiny with him ,
           The video that was only available after 15th of July , has been 'liked' in excess of 2,141,758 times ,
         making it a Guinness World Record holder for "Most Liked Video"
                                                                 in the history of YouTube .

Gangnam Style Kid
Not only PSY , The Kid in Gangnam Style also left a mark on audience . The night before the shooting PSY saw the Kid on "Koreas Got Talent" and called him up because of his "Ridiculous Moves"

                        Gangnam Style just crossed over  LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem' (1,574,963 likes),
                                               Justin's Bieber's 'Baby' (1,327,147 likes)
                                        and Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' (1,245,641 likes).

PSY Gangnam Style

 "Have you seen this?!" video of the last two months across the web, it's great to be able to award a record  for this tremendously popular video. In years past it was unthinkable that something  would be viewed a hundred million times, and now "Gangnam Style" has achieved more than twice this figure in just 3 months on YouTube.' Dan Barrett's take on it (Guinness World Records Community Manager)

  Park Jae-Sang (PSY) is a Korean song-writer , rapper and a singer , It is his most popular single till date .

 Psy's 'Gangnam Style' became YouTube's most watched video, registering more than 803 million views on 25th November , 2012 ... Defeating "Baby" by Justin Beiber ...

Gangnam Style Guinness record

                         There are many Internet memes that seems promising but decompose with time ,
                 the freshness and the unique moves of PSY combined with the catchy lyrics took it further ...

        So you think you can dance ? ... Well , How to do a Gangnam Style .. In easy Steps .. Have a look ..

How Gangnam Style Dance Steps ?

                        The infection of its isn't just on a particular community , country or age group ...
                Everyone , yes even Hollywood celebrities , Cricket Players , F1 racers seems hungover ..

                                                Britney Spears and Ellen DeGeneres ... 
                  After Gangnam Style , Hollywood can possibly make a "PSY : I Love You" :p ...

Bobby Moynihan ... Vinny Guadagnino ...  Maria Menounos and Mario Lopez ... and many more 

Indian Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachhan, SRK and Katrina Kaif also shook a leg to PSY's tunes

  Well , Human fans are a big deal but Gangnam style also has a Mutant follower .. Can't believe ?

                                  Okay , Humans and Mutants ... But Animals too ?? 

Gangnam Style Frog
A Lamb doing Gangnam Style

The journey from an unknown singer to the most wanted , PSY congratulations !!

Gone are the days , When you would say "Dude , Chill Out .." ... The new word on street is ....

I don't understand much , but ... HEY ... !! SEXY LADY ....

                                                        Watch the Wizard In action . 

The epic finish to the video
The epic pose with which Gangnam Style ends .

Friday, 26 October 2012

Diwali , Box-office and Patakas ...

Diwali , an excuse to buy a new car , a reason to talk to all the relatives , a opportunity to interact with the neighborhood hottie ,  a moment to sit back and enjoy forgetting about work problems , a day revoking the religious part of us ....

It all started with the coming back ceremony held to greet Ram , Laxman and Sita by the Ayodha people ..
( If your not from India or a little weak in the traditional stories , Don't frown about the names i just took ) ...

Long story short , Ram was sent to forests by his father , King Dashrath compelled by a queen of his *jealousy issues , u see* , the duration for the punishment was 14 years ..

In the climax , Ravan , a Lankan King , skillful but evil , Kidnaps Ram's wife Sita ..
Then just like the Bollywood movies of yesteryears
Ram , his brother and some friends set out on a death mission to bring back his strangled wife from Sri-Lanka ....

With some ups and downs , finally Ram emerges victorious , killing Ravan and fellow evil party ... So this festival is also in spirit of  the victory of Good ... (Dusshera)
... and a gentle reminder to stay from others wife ;)

After killing Ravan , all the team heads back to their hometown Ayodhya , Where people are eagerly waiting for their noble king to be Ram ... They painted the whole town red , decorated it with lights , burned a few crackers and distributed sweets , So the people still do all that , and this is what we call Celebrating Diwali ..
                        * Moral Police : My apologies for describing in such a casual manner *

This coming back of Ram eventually become a Business asset to many Multinational companies and a jackpot time for directors to release their product ....

                         Thanks to marketers for exploiting Diwali , So no one can forget it is coming ...

The advertisement department becomes hyperactive during this time of the year ..
 Newspapers , TV channels , Magazines , Hoardings and Internet all are flooded with  "Diwali Sale"  ...

The other department that capitalize on this festive season is the Bollywood Industry ...
Khans , Kapoors or now a days Devgans are aiming Diwali to make their project a blockbuster ..

The popular belief is that in this weekend people plan for family outings , and big budget movies give an ideal platform for an Indian family to reunite , the popular names of Shahrukh Khan , Salman Khan , Aamir Khan helps to sell the movie , irrespective of the content ...

But , the gamble sometimes backfires ...
people can be busy celebrating Diwali the traditional way , having get together in home itself ..
There is a list of films that proved to be a disaster debacle on Diwali ..
Usually one film kills the other .. The past has witnessed only one of the many releases collects gold ..

Shahrukh Khan has a long history with Diwali , each year there is a SRK starer ready to rock the audience ,
The first clash of SRK was with David Dhawan when his Kuch Kuch Hota hai competed heads on to bade Miyan Chote Miyan , The latter being a Amitabh and Govinda starer managed some pride but clearly the love triangle of debutant Karan Johar became an all time hit ...

     In 2000 , Mohabbatein fared against Mission Kashmir , once again SRK delivered a hit on Diwali ...
                                                         Then he kept rolling ,,,
                  2004 Veer Zaara was a blockbuster smashing hopes of all the the fellow releases ...
                                            Don defeated Jaan-e-Man in 2006 ..
                                         Om Shanti Om in 2007 crushed Sawaria ...
                      and most recently Ra.One , ran past Damadam and Tell me Oh Khuda !!

This year also , SRK is ready with his "Jab Tak Hai Jaan" against "Son of Sardar" with the overnight successful actor Ajay Devgan...

Well ,everyone has heard of "Cheap Publicity Stunt" but JTHJ got one heck of  "Costly Publicity" by the demise of the romantic legend Yash Chopra .
 The movie is predicted to be a big hit , 150 Crore would be an easy figure ...
Son of Sardar is also ready to pack a punch ...

The question is , Will the history repeat itself or the purple patch of Ajay Devgan would continue ?

                *I got off track here , Well forget tracks ... I write with wavered thoughts* ...

       Diwali has always been special for Bollywood , every iconic film has a Diwali sequence to it ..

                               For a country like India , the celebrations cannot get enough ....

The festival of Joy , light and happiness may bless the country , and keep terrorism poverty and corruption away , with this hope I wish you and your family a very Happy Diwali ....

A few suggestions ....

        Instead of giving sweets to your overweight relatives , share some with the under-privileged kids ..

          Don't burn crackers with the intention to scare someone , it may cross the limits , be safe ...

                       Don't use this holy festival as an excuse for drinking or gambling ...


Happy Diwali ...


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

On Postive Side of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg , the man should be held captive for making 80% of the youth useless ...
The website started in February , 2004 ... got viral , and now proudly has over one billion addict users.

Facebook , the fever of its has caught everyone in a fury ...
Now a days people eat for it , go out for it , meet celebs for it , shop for it .. What not , practically live for it .

 Did you realized the things you "LIKE" before Facebook ..  
  *Too Many , no ?*

You are not a graduate until you update a status about it ...

The Maggi isn't delicious until you have a couple of likes and comments on it ...

The party venue isn't satisfying until you tag the location of its ...

Your Break-up wasn't devastating until you swear your partner online ..

The hot gal / guy you just met , won't be friendly enough until you are friends on Facebook ..

We keep talking about the negative aspects of its , but lets just pause for a second and look at the brighter side of the tab ..

It is the most powerful tool in today's world ..
Anything new , unique and amusing we get to see/watch and know  through Facebook itself , The news channels , the newspapers are just too old skooled !! ..

Could Microsoft Office ever had increased your typing speed ,
as the pressure of replying to 4 gals at a time did !!  

You hear "Visit us on Facebook" more than an invitation to offices or homes ...
You have a "Share" , "Like" button on every damn thing .. *Now even on Porn Sites*

Well , You uncle out there .. No , your Son is not just stalking Gals there, He is getting in pace with the world
Yeah don't let them whore around , keep an eye on them , but the selective use can do wonders ..

Facebook keeps updating , Well change is good ...
Sometimes i agree as revenge you would like to break in Mark's house and rearrange his furniture..
But it is essential to keep running .. I don't need to remind you of Orkut and Myspace I guess ..

So , The Wall was broken and a Timeline was introduced *I can hear you stalkers cheering* ...
The photo viewing style changed , it got "user-friendly" ... 
Well , Facebook integrated a Twitter format in it ..
The gamble played of , more and more celebrities are creating their pages on Facebook and keeping in touch with their fans ..

Gone are those day when you have to read a whole blog of a celebrity to get a nick pf their lifestyle , or waiting for shutterbugs to spy and tell you where are they presently goofing around ..
Now a days ... "Ssup Folks .. Chillin in Amazon , With my family" is says it all ..

Ok , enough for the "Knowledge" fact , all we want is money ...
The shoes that are on sale on the right side of your screen *on Facebook* would have caused the company to lose a fortune ... The money for advertising is as much as on any other electronic media ..

Its a marketing strategy , a hangout place , an entertainment adda .. What Not !!!!

The love letters are now teared apart by the "Chat-box" , the gal you couldn't make eye contact with is easy to talk to through the pings ...

The role of its as a cupid is also unique , the privacy settings are well balanced between too private and too public .. You should know about the things ,
Well like everything else if you don't know it you will surely blow it ..

Well last but not the least ....
umm .. mmmm ... Short of words ..
A picture tells a thousand words ..

It can get you some ... ;)

Umm the conclusive part .. This is tough ... *Ok giving it a try*

Do Facebook , and yeah sometimes face the book .. *Lame , I know*
Share password of your account , don't stop sharing your bed with your Girlfriend ..
Be a user , not an addict ..
Speak out , Don't just "LOL"  , "ROFL" , "ASAP" things ..

Thoughts are not flowing well today *Darn , this love* , sorry ... ending here ...

PS : This kept me an hour off from Facebook , big deal !! .. Show your respect , Read it ;) :D

Monday, 22 October 2012

Student of the Year ...

You know its a Karan Directorial when it has a love triangle and a gay character in it ...
Well , this one was also the same , holding the predicted base line ...

The newcomers , all the three received huge round of whistles and a bit of applause during their first appearance ..
Varun Dhawan and Siddhart Malhotra surely induced a lot of hate in the male audience .. The J-Factor ..
Aaliya looked cute and adorable , even in the bikini shots ...


It all starts form a "School" , well as authentic as was Hogwarts .. ;)
A rich brat , a hottie and a middle class ambitious confident guy ..
A typical Bollywood blend ..
Two best friends messing it up because of a gal ...

Hot Hunks Varun Siddhart Student of The Year

The friendship is beautifully weaved onscreen , The youth can connect with it *Rich ones* ..
The background score is pretty nice and fresh , Radha is one track you would hear in every weddings for a while now .. I am sure Karan Johar will remake SOTY just to do that Radha song himself as an item number .
Velle is just the anthem youth needed .. and the Disco song .. Catchy in all ..

 Ishq wala Love , some might blame it for redundant lyrics but the video .. Hats off .....
The song was shot at - 10 Degrees , Aalia wore those short dresses in the extreme cold , a lot of effort must say ! 

Ishq Wala Love

The movie gonna be the profit earner for lot of Gyms , the joining will shoot up ..  
The leads have raised the bar of "Fitness" or lets say "Hotness" ...

A cocktail of Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar , Kuch Kuch Hota hai and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ..
This romantic flick will make enough money to make it a big Grosser of the Year ..

3 Stars .. 5 if you wanna go with your under 23 age girlfriend .. :)

Concluding ....

I didn't had a Ferrari or Mercedes in my school days , neither my school had acres of lands of campus...
and yeah a cool Disco too... And girls roaming around in bikini...? Hell no....!!
Still my school days were awesome .... So, Mr. Karan Johar stop  making such unrealistic movies as it can leave a wrong impression on the youth, making them to compare it
                           with their school days and feel sick ... 

Saturday, 13 October 2012

A Messy Kitchen ...

Imagine the heap of utensils in your kitchen sink when the maid bunks a day at work,
Did it ... ?
Ok , so now increase the magnitude a 200 times .. !! Right !!

The above exercise is just to help you visualize the "Line of Control" , a masterpiece of Subodh Gupta ..
Well , a picture speaks a thousand words ...
In this case , a thousand utensils ..

Subodh Gupta Delhi LOC

So , this artistic marvel weighs 26 tons !!
Measures a 36 X 36 feet !!
Took seven laborious days for the contemporary artist Subodh Gupta to install it , with the help of three cranes ..

Well , don't just think he amass a lot of waste stuff , this mushroom cloud of shiny utensils carries a peaceful and atheistic meaning to it ..

"Today, after the Agni- V missile launch, my mushroom cloud has a clear message - we do not want another Hiroshima," . quoted Subodh .

                                                  The artist ..

Well , basically my post is for all those studs who "have had enough of Delhi" ..
Sir / Ma'am i bet if you haven't seen this you are missing on a dessert after a supper of green vegetables .

This accumulation of amazement is installed in South Mall , Behind the Select City Walk , Saket ..
You must have roamed a lot there , take a few steps more ...
Embrace your eyes by watching a thousand vessels defying the Newton's law of Gravity .

The LOC is displayed under the Kiran Nadar Museum Of Art , wife of HCL founder-chairman Shiv Nadar .

If you are thinking the LOC is the only attraction , you are as wrong as the person crossing a busy road on the backdrop of a subway ..

The museum , is free of cost ..(to visit :p)
  So , you can really enter empty pockets ..

The first few sections would appeal to the adult in you , the erotica is well portrayed on canvas ...
Well , that was the only way of porn in  the 18th century ..

But , the next sections would extract "WOW" from your soul just like a 8 year old would react on entering Disneyland ...

The wife of the creator of LOC , gave him an elegant competition , when she gem out an elephant made of Bindis on a fiber glass ...

Well , some creations really need an artistic eye for understanding , but there are enough of beauty traps to keep you spellbound ..

A friend dragged me by hand here ... (Yes , I was reluctant ) .. Thanks to him ..
 He also had to drag me out of there ;) ..

Hope my blog drags you by your soul ..

So , Next time you In Saket , Screw [v] Spot , Screw Pizza Hut , Screw Costa Coffee ..
Proudly enter the South Mall , with at least 10 friends tagging along with you ..

Spread the Word ... 

Monday, 8 October 2012

In a Perfect World ...

Imagine a World , a Perfect one ..
Well , please don't eliminate KRK , Poonam & Chunkey Pandey , Rakhi Sawant ,
Beiber or the DVDs of Ra.One ..

Just an almost perfect world , ..

First and foremost ,
Pirates of Caribbeans would  just be a fictional movie ..
Only PSY would be doing the Gangnam Style to glory and not the men of Caribbeans after upsetting the currents contenders ...
Malinga wouldn't be played like a little girl up against Sir Don Bradman  ..
Samuels' mishits wouldn't go over the fences ..
Sachin would be the Man of the Tournament of this T-20 cup also ..
Dhoni wouldn't speak like YOU KNOW everything ..
The rain wouldn't be blamed for the ouster ...
The spinners would step up for crucial matches ...
In short , India would be the ones taking Cup back home ..

We would have a talking PM ...
Robert Vadra would stop defending himself and declare , "Mere Pass Sasu-Maa Hai" , delivering the importance with which Shashi Kapoor did in Deewar ..

Akshay Kumar would be included in the Bigg Boss Alag 6 contestants , *3 months of peace*
Or Navjot Singh Sidhu be captivated till the next season of IPL gets over ..
 Kaun Banega Crorepati's timing wouldn't clash with Bigg Boss ..

Honey Singh would be debuting Internationally instead of Piggy Chops ..
MR. Worldwide had a "Web" as his last name ..
Mars would be successfully searched for living conditions .. and some hot aliens ..
Pluto wouldn't be remembered as just a cartoon character ..

Ram Gopal Verma wouldn't release the "inspired" movie of his just a week ago the original "Paranormal Activity" ...

The only alternative to stop Rape cases was a bit different from covering the gals  , head to heels ..

There would be a restroom around whenever you bladder demands a leak ..
You can fart away from Shit ..

The "ing" of Developing would be replaced by a "ed" ..

Nokia Lumia's navigator would be so reliant that every car driver wouldn't ask for directions to the Rickshaw Pullers ..

You could just get a simple "Yes" or "No" from you parents ..

Your starting salary would be more than the amount you spent for getting the notes photostatted in the graduation years ...

India would be playing the FIFA final .. just not into a insomniac's mind ..

The exam would include the topics you are through with ..

You could receive a phone call saying .. "Namashkar , Main Amitabh Bachhan Bol Rha Hun .. KBC se ... "
.. "aur mere sath is waqt hai , SRK , Salman aur Aamir Khan " ...

The decibels at which you want to hear the music stays in harmony with your Mom ..

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Community Radio

Community radio is a crucial cog in the clock of development communication .
It provides a third genre of radio broadcasting ,
 The first and second being the ...
   1) Commercial radio Broadcasting and
   2)  Public radio Broadcasting .

The basic motive behind setting up a community radio is that of social benefit instead of the business .
It caters to the rural audience , the content is tailor-made for a community seeking some knowledge
                                                        about lifestyle and well being .

In a country like India , it becomes essential as the electricity doesn't run through every household .
Radio is a cheap method , doesn't need electric current to function , works on battery and is easily affordable *PS : A rural citizen struggles hard for 3 times food a day , other mass media channels is a "luxury" for them*

Five minutes of advertising per hour is allowed on community radio. Sponsored programs are not allowed, except when the program is sponsored by the government at the local or state level .

 The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting of the Government of India had received 297 applications for community radio licenses (including 141 from NGOs and other civil organizations, 105 from educational institutions and 51 for "farm radio" stations to be run by agricultural universities and agricultural extension centers, or Krishi Vigyan Kendras).

Some of the community radios famous in India are ..
-> Radio Sharda - "“a community radio for the displaced people of Kashmir” (i.e., Kashmiri Pandits).
It broadcasts in Kashmiri and Hindustani on 90.4 MHz in Jammu (Buta Nagar)
 It is licensed to Pir Panchal, a civil society organization .

-> Radio Ujjas - Licensed to Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan (Women's organization of Kutch)

Some educational institutions owning a Community Radio are ..

JIMS Radio 90.4 Mhz - The college coming under GGSIPU ( Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University) 
                                broadcasts this radio in a area of 10 Kms around it , i.e in Vasant Kunj .
                              It was initially called JIMS Raaga but later renamed to much more literal name .

DUCR 90.4 Mhz - Established in 2007, is a Community Radio Station at School of Open Learning,
                                  University of Delhi.

Well , there is an old saying that goes ,
                    "A sword can't replace a Needle , and Vice versa"
Community radio has a reach much much less than any commercial or government run radio but it approaches a localized pattern ,  the issues that the media overlook on the bigger scale are being discussed here , the experience , the suggestions and the problems faced by people are always welcome to be a part of the radio for that community .

So , on the go lets see some of the clear cut advantages of Community radio ..

1) Reach among Rural -  The inexpensive expense of owning a radio make it a perfect medium to reach the
                                       rural i.e the target audience .

2) Portable -  The target audience can't afford to sit in their car (imaginary) and listen to the radio , they can
                    carry it to their work , now a days mobiles with radio doesn't cost a fortune either ,

3) Prominence - The fact that the issues closely related to the people are broadcasted , it glues the
                          listeners to their radio sets .

4) Social Change - Little but important messages can be spread with the sugar coating of informality and
                             affection . The language and the content suits their preferences and persuade easily .

It becomes really important in a developing country to have some medium for the equal growth of the rural regions also , presently the gap between the urban and the rural India is huge , Community radio is just another way of building the bridge to protect the complete detachment .

Monday, 1 October 2012

The Guy on Note ..

                  MohanDas Karamchand Gandhi .....     
The father of the nation or as the youth would say it ...
   The guy printed on the money ...
   The mediator of Munnabhai's love story ....
   The guy having many roads and cities named after him ...
   The guy hung on the walls of a Police station or in a court

Well , he is much more than that ... Although there are several schools of thoughts on the role of Gandhi in the freedom fight and the hand of his in the death of Bhagat Singh and the partition but still his heroics were indispensable in the struggle .

He jumped in the ring against the British Raj when he personally felt the atrocities of them , he was being thrown out of a first class train bogie , for being an Indian .

He united the all disoriented energy of masses against the cruel system back then , and amass a huge respect in common people's mind .

His approach gain a worldwide (Not Pitbull) recognition , as a result on his birthday "International Non-Violence Day" is also celebrated .

If someone slaps you on the right cheek , give them you left one ...
Be the change you want to see in the world ..
The famous policies of Gandhi .

The famous monkeys of Gandhji also are a hit ...
Representing - Not Hearing Bad things ..
                       Not Seeing Bad things ....
                       Not speaking Bad things ...

There have been much more political speeches on him than he did himself on any topic .

But Irony died a little painfully when ..
The Britishers tried to kill the man for 30 years , in vain ..
But just after 6 months of their departure we did it ourselves ... HEY RAM !!
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