Monday, 8 October 2012

In a Perfect World ...

Imagine a World , a Perfect one ..
Well , please don't eliminate KRK , Poonam & Chunkey Pandey , Rakhi Sawant ,
Beiber or the DVDs of Ra.One ..

Just an almost perfect world , ..

First and foremost ,
Pirates of Caribbeans would  just be a fictional movie ..
Only PSY would be doing the Gangnam Style to glory and not the men of Caribbeans after upsetting the currents contenders ...
Malinga wouldn't be played like a little girl up against Sir Don Bradman  ..
Samuels' mishits wouldn't go over the fences ..
Sachin would be the Man of the Tournament of this T-20 cup also ..
Dhoni wouldn't speak like YOU KNOW everything ..
The rain wouldn't be blamed for the ouster ...
The spinners would step up for crucial matches ...
In short , India would be the ones taking Cup back home ..

We would have a talking PM ...
Robert Vadra would stop defending himself and declare , "Mere Pass Sasu-Maa Hai" , delivering the importance with which Shashi Kapoor did in Deewar ..

Akshay Kumar would be included in the Bigg Boss Alag 6 contestants , *3 months of peace*
Or Navjot Singh Sidhu be captivated till the next season of IPL gets over ..
 Kaun Banega Crorepati's timing wouldn't clash with Bigg Boss ..

Honey Singh would be debuting Internationally instead of Piggy Chops ..
MR. Worldwide had a "Web" as his last name ..
Mars would be successfully searched for living conditions .. and some hot aliens ..
Pluto wouldn't be remembered as just a cartoon character ..

Ram Gopal Verma wouldn't release the "inspired" movie of his just a week ago the original "Paranormal Activity" ...

The only alternative to stop Rape cases was a bit different from covering the gals  , head to heels ..

There would be a restroom around whenever you bladder demands a leak ..
You can fart away from Shit ..

The "ing" of Developing would be replaced by a "ed" ..

Nokia Lumia's navigator would be so reliant that every car driver wouldn't ask for directions to the Rickshaw Pullers ..

You could just get a simple "Yes" or "No" from you parents ..

Your starting salary would be more than the amount you spent for getting the notes photostatted in the graduation years ...

India would be playing the FIFA final .. just not into a insomniac's mind ..

The exam would include the topics you are through with ..

You could receive a phone call saying .. "Namashkar , Main Amitabh Bachhan Bol Rha Hun .. KBC se ... "
.. "aur mere sath is waqt hai , SRK , Salman aur Aamir Khan " ...

The decibels at which you want to hear the music stays in harmony with your Mom ..


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