Saturday, 13 October 2012

A Messy Kitchen ...

Imagine the heap of utensils in your kitchen sink when the maid bunks a day at work,
Did it ... ?
Ok , so now increase the magnitude a 200 times .. !! Right !!

The above exercise is just to help you visualize the "Line of Control" , a masterpiece of Subodh Gupta ..
Well , a picture speaks a thousand words ...
In this case , a thousand utensils ..

Subodh Gupta Delhi LOC

So , this artistic marvel weighs 26 tons !!
Measures a 36 X 36 feet !!
Took seven laborious days for the contemporary artist Subodh Gupta to install it , with the help of three cranes ..

Well , don't just think he amass a lot of waste stuff , this mushroom cloud of shiny utensils carries a peaceful and atheistic meaning to it ..

"Today, after the Agni- V missile launch, my mushroom cloud has a clear message - we do not want another Hiroshima," . quoted Subodh .

                                                  The artist ..

Well , basically my post is for all those studs who "have had enough of Delhi" ..
Sir / Ma'am i bet if you haven't seen this you are missing on a dessert after a supper of green vegetables .

This accumulation of amazement is installed in South Mall , Behind the Select City Walk , Saket ..
You must have roamed a lot there , take a few steps more ...
Embrace your eyes by watching a thousand vessels defying the Newton's law of Gravity .

The LOC is displayed under the Kiran Nadar Museum Of Art , wife of HCL founder-chairman Shiv Nadar .

If you are thinking the LOC is the only attraction , you are as wrong as the person crossing a busy road on the backdrop of a subway ..

The museum , is free of cost ..(to visit :p)
  So , you can really enter empty pockets ..

The first few sections would appeal to the adult in you , the erotica is well portrayed on canvas ...
Well , that was the only way of porn in  the 18th century ..

But , the next sections would extract "WOW" from your soul just like a 8 year old would react on entering Disneyland ...

The wife of the creator of LOC , gave him an elegant competition , when she gem out an elephant made of Bindis on a fiber glass ...

Well , some creations really need an artistic eye for understanding , but there are enough of beauty traps to keep you spellbound ..

A friend dragged me by hand here ... (Yes , I was reluctant ) .. Thanks to him ..
 He also had to drag me out of there ;) ..

Hope my blog drags you by your soul ..

So , Next time you In Saket , Screw [v] Spot , Screw Pizza Hut , Screw Costa Coffee ..
Proudly enter the South Mall , with at least 10 friends tagging along with you ..

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