Monday, 22 October 2012

Student of the Year ...

You know its a Karan Directorial when it has a love triangle and a gay character in it ...
Well , this one was also the same , holding the predicted base line ...

The newcomers , all the three received huge round of whistles and a bit of applause during their first appearance ..
Varun Dhawan and Siddhart Malhotra surely induced a lot of hate in the male audience .. The J-Factor ..
Aaliya looked cute and adorable , even in the bikini shots ...


It all starts form a "School" , well as authentic as was Hogwarts .. ;)
A rich brat , a hottie and a middle class ambitious confident guy ..
A typical Bollywood blend ..
Two best friends messing it up because of a gal ...

Hot Hunks Varun Siddhart Student of The Year

The friendship is beautifully weaved onscreen , The youth can connect with it *Rich ones* ..
The background score is pretty nice and fresh , Radha is one track you would hear in every weddings for a while now .. I am sure Karan Johar will remake SOTY just to do that Radha song himself as an item number .
Velle is just the anthem youth needed .. and the Disco song .. Catchy in all ..

 Ishq wala Love , some might blame it for redundant lyrics but the video .. Hats off .....
The song was shot at - 10 Degrees , Aalia wore those short dresses in the extreme cold , a lot of effort must say ! 

Ishq Wala Love

The movie gonna be the profit earner for lot of Gyms , the joining will shoot up ..  
The leads have raised the bar of "Fitness" or lets say "Hotness" ...

A cocktail of Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar , Kuch Kuch Hota hai and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ..
This romantic flick will make enough money to make it a big Grosser of the Year ..

3 Stars .. 5 if you wanna go with your under 23 age girlfriend .. :)

Concluding ....

I didn't had a Ferrari or Mercedes in my school days , neither my school had acres of lands of campus...
and yeah a cool Disco too... And girls roaming around in bikini...? Hell no....!!
Still my school days were awesome .... So, Mr. Karan Johar stop  making such unrealistic movies as it can leave a wrong impression on the youth, making them to compare it
                           with their school days and feel sick ... 


  1. amazing write-up!i could have praised it more if u would have described a lil more about sidharth.. :P

  2. amazing write-up!i could have praised it more if u would have described a lil more about sidharth.. :P

  3. I was not knowing back then ki aapka Fav hai .. warna toh , uspe ek seprate post likh deta :D


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