Monday, 11 July 2016

Here's Another Important Reason Why You Should Always Put Your Seat-belt On

Being a Delhite extended weekends for most working professionals mean a trip to the mountains. Carrying forward the bandwagon I decided to explore Mussoorie in the monsoon (never do that). So, a series of unfortunate incidents made me learn this crucial fact about air bags. 

Your air bags won't work if you don't have the seat belt on

We fell down to 50 ft and they didn't pop up, can you imagine that? And no I am not writing this from hell, we fortunately survived the whole incident.

Air bags are definitely not a substitute to seat belts, they work in coordination to save lives. Without seat belts on, the air bags are not that effective and can cause injury depending upon how you end up when they are fired.
There were many cases in which the occupants were killed due to severe head injuries or were injured badly because the airbags deployed when they were not wearing seat belts. Ruptured lungs or broken rib cages were also reported. That is why some cars will not 'arm' the airbags to avoid the damage.
Seat Belt Funny Warning
This is sadly true
Without the seat belt, air bags can cause as much injury as an accident

Spooky, right? I learned it the hard way. Hope this article will help you guys, drive safe and always wear the seat belt.

Friday, 31 July 2015

A simple love story, the best ever.

A strange thing happened today. A man in his mid-30s took a seat near me in the Metro. After a while, I realized he was saying something. Needless to say, I was annoyed a bit. Who want to be bothered while listening to music? “What?”, I asked hoping it better be something important. He said, “Do you have something to listen to?”. Of course, dumbass! Why else would I be plugging my earphones on, I thought to myself but only managed, “Yeah, obviously” as politely as I could. The man didn't say anything but the social protocol made me offer him “something to listen to”. He inquired if I have 80s English music to which I interred,” In the End by Linkin Park is the oldest song in my phone.” To which, he said “In the Mohabat Barsa Dena hai?” attempting a lame joke. However, I faked a smile—again for social protocol's sake. I played that song and offered him one end of the earphone.

Minutes passed by and the song was about to get over. I thought I was done with him when he requested, “'Can we please listen to it one more time?” as if the song was Kohinoor diamond itself! I wanted to listen to Shady but going by his love for the song, I put it on repeat. I was snoozy after the fourth time listening to Arijit Singh's over-sweet melody. Just then, he turned to me and exulted, “You made my day”, even though I was not at all interested to start a conversation but curiosity killed me. “What makes you like the song so much?” I questioned. He turned uncomfortable, turned away his face and mumbled “I love music” with a stutter. I figured out he was hiding something but anyway added, “We all have memories to each song and only that makes us listen to a song on a loop.” He chuckled and said “Achha?”

“There was a girl,” he revealed after 2-3 minutes of minutes. “Aha, I knew it. So your wife?'' I asked with increased interest. “'No, we have an affair for 23 years,” he boasted. “Why don't you marry her?” the relationship advisor from within suggested. “Can't” he said. “Family problems?” I turned CID.

“No, she died last month,” he said getting up from the seat and moving towards the Metro gate, I was in shock and being a person with zero social skills, all I could ask was “Is this your station?” trying to change the topic to make him feel better.

“It was four stations ago. Just that she used to like this song very much so I got emotional,” he explained before shaking my hands and thanking me. It was indeed the sincerest thanks I ever received and for what? Keeping an Arijit Song in my phone with 800 others party numbers?

He was no Shah Jahan. He didn't build a Taj Mahal for his love but the sincerity in his eyes was no less. I have never written a post so long but this common man deserved it for his extraordinary love.

PS: Wrote this on the rest of my travel time with the same song... still on repeat.

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Friday, 26 June 2015

Amazing landscapes, breathtaking views, places you must visit before you die.

Travelling is my passion, after days of fatigue & challenges when you finally see the grand, majestic nature at its best all the tiredness turns into joy & excitement. Here are some of the breathtaking views I have been lucky enough to watch till now, I will keep updating my blog with new pictures (Hoping someday I would cover the entire world)

Sunset at Beach Traveler Wanderlust Nature Sand-d Singh
Beautiful sunset at Goa Beach, India

Vacations Holiday in India Landscape, Sand-d Singh

Vacation in Goa, India

Wanderlust Sunset at Beach Sand-d Singh
Goa Holidays, India

... and finally as an Indian this occurred to me that ..

Best Travel Quotes Facebook Covers

Sunday, 21 June 2015

The basic characters of every Fiction, Hollywood Movie.

Being a 90s kid, I have always been a fanatic of Hollywood movies that made me sit on the edge of my seat & often even made me take popcorn from the bucket of the stranger sitting next to me (okay, I was just hungry). But by closely watching all these movies for years, I 've started getting to the nerve of the movie and while watching the new Jurassic World I could almost guess fate of every single character at the end of the movie. Lets look at the basic characters in every such movies with the reference from Jurassic World as it is the recent one we all must have seen. Here goes ..

1. The over smart asshole

Bad Guy Jurassic World

This guy has his own selfish motive and puts everyone's life at stake for his own benefit, needless to say he dies a very painful death by the end.

Other example

Villain of Anaconda

2. The invincible hero

Jurassic World Poster

The lead is riding with the raptors, getting in the cage of furious 50 feet dinosaurs, cornered by a T-rex but you know he won't die.

Other Example

3. The emo angle

Wallpaper of Jurassic World

These people have not a single threat from the problem at hand, they can even survive if they are chewed up by a razor toothed Dinosaur, stabbed by a ghost or even meeting someone like Just Beiber. They are the safest person to be with in cases of epidemic.

Indominus Rex Dinosaur
The part where the Indominus rex pins down the kids.

Other Example

Jurassic World Kids
Kids are usually the emotional aspect who bonds with their relatives over the course of such movies.

 4. The glamour quotient

T-rex Jurassic World
The part where Claire becomes faster than Usian Bolt, IN HEELS.

She is the beauty with brains, she is witty, funny & sexy (read immortal). How else do you explain a lady in heels running faster T-rex.

5. The sweet guy

Jurassic World India Guy
Irrfan Khan in Jurassic World

He is neither an evil or a saint, such guys often dies to make the movie more impactful.

There are many more such predictable types, what are the types you have observed?

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Salman Khan reacted on Court Judgement, Accepted the Punishment as his Fate

Mumbai - The controversial 13 year long hit & run case of Salman Khan finally came to an end when the court found him guilty & sentenced him for 10 years, however it has now being reduced to 5 years. Social Media platforms were on fire after the court's verdict, while many people supported it across Twitter there were many who were fumed by the decision. However Salman Khan updated his Facebook status which somehow proves he is after all a nice human at heart.

Salman Khan reaction to Court Judgement
Screenshot of Salman Khan's Facebook Status. (Fake)

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Suresh Raina updates Facebook Status after getting Married.

New Delhi - After the heartbreaking loss in the World Cup 2015, finally  a happy occassion came for the Indian Cricket team in the form of "#RainaKiShaddi" (Raina's Wedding). A happy Suresh Raina updates his status on Facebook, read on ...

Raina Wedding Shaadi Funny Twitter Facebook
Exclusive screenshot of Raina's Facebook post.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Deepika Padukone Reaction on the My Choice video controversy, Apologizes at the end

Mumbai - The Vogue initiative to "empower women" failed miserably when the Deepika Padukone starring #MyChoice video faced criticism on Facebook & Twitter. Fed up of the outrage Deepika updated her facebook status and a frenzy of celebrities reacted on her stand. Read on.

Deepika My Choice Funny Twitter Facebook

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