Sunday, 21 June 2015

The basic characters of every Fiction, Hollywood Movie.

Being a 90s kid, I have always been a fanatic of Hollywood movies that made me sit on the edge of my seat & often even made me take popcorn from the bucket of the stranger sitting next to me (okay, I was just hungry). But by closely watching all these movies for years, I 've started getting to the nerve of the movie and while watching the new Jurassic World I could almost guess fate of every single character at the end of the movie. Lets look at the basic characters in every such movies with the reference from Jurassic World as it is the recent one we all must have seen. Here goes ..

1. The over smart asshole

Bad Guy Jurassic World

This guy has his own selfish motive and puts everyone's life at stake for his own benefit, needless to say he dies a very painful death by the end.

Other example

Villain of Anaconda

2. The invincible hero

Jurassic World Poster

The lead is riding with the raptors, getting in the cage of furious 50 feet dinosaurs, cornered by a T-rex but you know he won't die.

Other Example

3. The emo angle

Wallpaper of Jurassic World

These people have not a single threat from the problem at hand, they can even survive if they are chewed up by a razor toothed Dinosaur, stabbed by a ghost or even meeting someone like Just Beiber. They are the safest person to be with in cases of epidemic.

Indominus Rex Dinosaur
The part where the Indominus rex pins down the kids.

Other Example

Jurassic World Kids
Kids are usually the emotional aspect who bonds with their relatives over the course of such movies.

 4. The glamour quotient

T-rex Jurassic World
The part where Claire becomes faster than Usian Bolt, IN HEELS.

She is the beauty with brains, she is witty, funny & sexy (read immortal). How else do you explain a lady in heels running faster T-rex.

5. The sweet guy

Jurassic World India Guy
Irrfan Khan in Jurassic World

He is neither an evil or a saint, such guys often dies to make the movie more impactful.

There are many more such predictable types, what are the types you have observed?

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