Wednesday, 24 October 2012

On Postive Side of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg , the man should be held captive for making 80% of the youth useless ...
The website started in February , 2004 ... got viral , and now proudly has over one billion addict users.

Facebook , the fever of its has caught everyone in a fury ...
Now a days people eat for it , go out for it , meet celebs for it , shop for it .. What not , practically live for it .

 Did you realized the things you "LIKE" before Facebook ..  
  *Too Many , no ?*

You are not a graduate until you update a status about it ...

The Maggi isn't delicious until you have a couple of likes and comments on it ...

The party venue isn't satisfying until you tag the location of its ...

Your Break-up wasn't devastating until you swear your partner online ..

The hot gal / guy you just met , won't be friendly enough until you are friends on Facebook ..

We keep talking about the negative aspects of its , but lets just pause for a second and look at the brighter side of the tab ..

It is the most powerful tool in today's world ..
Anything new , unique and amusing we get to see/watch and know  through Facebook itself , The news channels , the newspapers are just too old skooled !! ..

Could Microsoft Office ever had increased your typing speed ,
as the pressure of replying to 4 gals at a time did !!  

You hear "Visit us on Facebook" more than an invitation to offices or homes ...
You have a "Share" , "Like" button on every damn thing .. *Now even on Porn Sites*

Well , You uncle out there .. No , your Son is not just stalking Gals there, He is getting in pace with the world
Yeah don't let them whore around , keep an eye on them , but the selective use can do wonders ..

Facebook keeps updating , Well change is good ...
Sometimes i agree as revenge you would like to break in Mark's house and rearrange his furniture..
But it is essential to keep running .. I don't need to remind you of Orkut and Myspace I guess ..

So , The Wall was broken and a Timeline was introduced *I can hear you stalkers cheering* ...
The photo viewing style changed , it got "user-friendly" ... 
Well , Facebook integrated a Twitter format in it ..
The gamble played of , more and more celebrities are creating their pages on Facebook and keeping in touch with their fans ..

Gone are those day when you have to read a whole blog of a celebrity to get a nick pf their lifestyle , or waiting for shutterbugs to spy and tell you where are they presently goofing around ..
Now a days ... "Ssup Folks .. Chillin in Amazon , With my family" is says it all ..

Ok , enough for the "Knowledge" fact , all we want is money ...
The shoes that are on sale on the right side of your screen *on Facebook* would have caused the company to lose a fortune ... The money for advertising is as much as on any other electronic media ..

Its a marketing strategy , a hangout place , an entertainment adda .. What Not !!!!

The love letters are now teared apart by the "Chat-box" , the gal you couldn't make eye contact with is easy to talk to through the pings ...

The role of its as a cupid is also unique , the privacy settings are well balanced between too private and too public .. You should know about the things ,
Well like everything else if you don't know it you will surely blow it ..

Well last but not the least ....
umm .. mmmm ... Short of words ..
A picture tells a thousand words ..

It can get you some ... ;)

Umm the conclusive part .. This is tough ... *Ok giving it a try*

Do Facebook , and yeah sometimes face the book .. *Lame , I know*
Share password of your account , don't stop sharing your bed with your Girlfriend ..
Be a user , not an addict ..
Speak out , Don't just "LOL"  , "ROFL" , "ASAP" things ..

Thoughts are not flowing well today *Darn , this love* , sorry ... ending here ...

PS : This kept me an hour off from Facebook , big deal !! .. Show your respect , Read it ;) :D

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