Monday, 3 September 2012

Thorium Scam !!

Well , just another feature to the CONgress' Cap .. *Crow Feathers*

 The stains of the previous Gate ,
                   Coal-gate weren't washed off and the "Khamoshi" was being justified over a "Hazaaaron Jawaab" , a new Element came up to haunt the party in power .

If the scientific skills of the sources are to be believed , this one is the biggest of all ...
you heard it right , bigger than the Coalgate amount ....
                        48 Lakh Crore !!!!

Soon , Teachers will ask ... "List the elements that are related with scams"
                                                            , and students would forget a dozen with too many to remember .

The bottom line or lets say the bottom mine is the
                                     sands of the shores of states like Orissa , Kerala and Tamil Nadu .

Monazite , a raw material that is believed to be a source yielding 8 to 10 % of thoriumis in abundance in the above listed regions .

Thorium is converted into an isotope of uranium which is used to feed nuclear reactors and can be used multiple times to generate electricity, creating a seemingly endless cycle of fuel availability .

Thorium can free us from the dependance of the import of Uranium,
Which is done at  high stakes to run  nuclear power plants .
It can also help in developing limitless amounts of fuel since it could be extracted from sand on beaches.

 Since the UPA government assumed office in 2004 with Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister,
                                                2.1 million tones of Monazite,
                          equivalent to 195,300 tonnes of thorium at 9.3 per cent recovery,
                                              has disappeared from the shores of India.

Monazite is estimated to be $100 per tonne , the loss sums up to 48 Lakh Crore , excluding the incalculable   development loss to the nuclear fuel programme .

There is no ban on export of this precious ore . 

What surprises me is the ignorance of paid media , the scam of a magnitude like this is not covered instead they are focusing on the "Halkat Jaawani" of Kareena Kapoor .

They say , Ignorance is Bliss .... its Money-making too ......

*Loki got just another reason to be jealous and do something evil , THORium scam* 


  1. thats y v r behind usa in the field of nuclear power

  2. exactly yaaar .. they are allowing the export on security concerns also ... US and Japan all are looking for more thorium !! India ka wohi scene h , "Boy in armpit , hypercity noise pollution" !!

  3. nyc dude...kafi resrch ki h.....!!! Imprssive combo of eng-hindi in evry blog nd evry blog hs a truth as always...:)

  4. Thanks for your technical feedback man :p

  5. But its sad that the paid media didn't cover it !!!


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