Saturday, 25 August 2012

Monsoon-o-Mania ..

What Young India Wants .... Ohh wait not here to promote Chetan Bhagat's Work ...

What the Indian People Want ??
                       Well , Leaving the lavish needs as Food , Shelter and Clothes ...

    and the basic needs as Mobile phone to all people below the BPL . ;)

                                               Lets talk about the Monsoon needs ...

         On Top of the List ,

- MET department to be more accurate ,
                        The Ultratech Truck of Aaj Tak seldom points the right Weather .

- Working Traffic Lights , all the three colors .
               Get rid of the Lights that automatically start winking after seeing the black clouds .

- Less Swimming Pools on the Way to work ,
                                            or just put some Chlorine in them  .

- Dish Antennas with a technology to catch signals until the TV is Submerged deep into water .

- Umbrellas with Trackers ...

- and Yeah Please hire NASA to design vehicles for Indian Roads ,
     C'mon their "Curiosity" is walking on Mars !!
  Just a few Modification and Boom , A thing suitable for the Capital pits err..  I mean Roads .

- If it rains , Make it Cats and Dogs  nobody needs Kittens and Puppies Raining .
      With Schools Close Colleges also , its not that College students are made of plastic or something .

- Start BRT , No No not the Bus one ... (Bus) Boat Rapid Transit ...
- Call the Creators of GTA and activate "Seaways" for our cars .

- Last but not the least , Cover the Stadium whenever our Team is about to win
                                    and the Rain Gods decides against it ... *The Ongoing Match*


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