Sunday, 9 September 2012

9/11 beyond WTC ...

The morning of 11th September was quite usual ...
                                           only till some Airplanes stared bumping into buildings ....

NO , No Aliens weren't responsible  .. That is just on movie screens ,
                                                     In real life humans are the biggest enemies of themselves . 

On that tormenting Tuesday , some (19 to be precise) Al Qaeda militants set on a death mission when they Hijacked 4 passenger airplanes only to crash them in important economic structures .

 Imagine yourself , working on a computer in your office ..
       You relax for a moment ,
                 look outside for a break ...
                          BOOM there is a Big fat cockpit charging at you around 800 miles an hour !!!
         Apart from Final Destination ,
                       this was actually experienced by the World Trade Center , 95th floor employees .
                                                Terrifying isn't it !!!!

Well , you all must have heard a lot about the Twin towers , in fact when there is a mention of 9/11 , we automatically imagine the two buildings coughing out the smoke in the backdrop of Statue of Liberty .

But ...
      Terror didn't stop here only ... There were two more highjacked planes in the hands of Al Qaeda .

One was crash landed in the Pennsylvania , short of its alleged target, the Capital 
                                                     and the other one smashed The Pentagon .

Ironically ...
 The attack cause a collapse in the Building on the very same day on which it was built a 60 years ago . 
                                                                    11th September , 1941 .

    The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense .
                               The Symbol of  U.S Military got the name Pentagon due to the shape of its .
                            The shape that survived .

 The Pentagon covers the largest  area as an office building in the whole world ...
                                                          with about 6,500,000 sq ft (600,000 m2) ...
With variety of offices and convenient stores , its a state in itself ...

The five hijackers chose American Airlines Flight 77 , for this evil deed .

Around  9 : 37 AM  ...

The front part of the plane caressed the Western Side of The Pentagon and went en route to destruction .
All the passengers , 64 died including the 125 people in the Pentagon .
The casualties are huge , but look at this impact ...


The damage could have been much more dreadful , thanks to the structure and facilities there ...
There were some crucial renovation after the Oklahoma City Bombing .

First of all ,
The sprinkle system that was just now installed in the Western region (Only part of Pentagon having one at that time) , the enormous heat came down a bit .

During fire or explosion , most of the people die because of suffocation ..
Thanks to the Bomb proof windows , Which were put up at expense of around 2,500 pounds each . Just a year before the 9/11 , year 2000 .
They didn't cracked after such a bit hit and saved many live on the upper floor .

The adjacent side of the attacked area was shut for renovation ...
                            Out of the possible 4,500 Employees only 800 were there .

In a way , the pentagon was ready for the attack , even after being opened up , being molested by the plane , the walls took 30 minutes to collapse , buying enough time for the survivors to get out .

The fightback started in 2006 and a park , a memorial with 184 benches was opened up for public after 2008 . Each bench have an age of a victim , from 3 to 71 .

Its been 11 years , The Pentagon stands , the symbol of perseverance and undying spirit ...
                                Humanity floats apart all the dirt of world .

           9/11 Killed around 3,000 People in The U.S and left numerous mourning souls .

                         Rest In Piss : Terrorism .

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  1. hmmmmm but these wre planned not by terrersts bt by america itself ,.,.,if terrst choose to destroy then it must b white house ,.,not trade cntre


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