Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Delhi , HOT Spot ?

Earth was once called the "Planet of Apes" , Just after a few cases it could very well be labelled as a "Planet of Rapes" , Well , I am talking about the increased cases of India  ..

Just when we think , "Thats it ! Our city , our metro has improved , the security is enough for women to feel safe" , a sad piece of news is already doing the rounds.

According to official statistics, 572 rapes were reported in Delhi last year. Police say they have registered 635 rape cases this year. So the improvement ship has already sailed.


Seems .. Gandhi ji forgot to give us a fourth monkey covering his crotch and saying "Do Not Rape"..

Rape Cases Go Unnoticed

What adds salt to the wound is a Stupid political or a community's statement after grave incidents ..
The way women dress , The food men eat , The western lifestyle everything is blamed but MEN aren't ..

To all the dumbf*cks , a women doesn't dress for you , You don't even matter to her ..

Dressing blamed for Rapes

Nor eating this would make you want to rape them ..

It is the upbringing that is so cheap , You can't get them no worries take it forcibly ..
The problem is not a economic or region based ... The rich the poor , Delliwallah outside people it can be anybody .. Moreover the law and the repercussions aren't so horrifying to stop the cheap Romeoes , there are now discussions about death sentence to the alleged , lets see how that would shape out in practicality .

Ye Public Sab Janti Hai ? ..

Bus Damini Raped

Delhi's transport system is unique , Blue line killed the people walking on the streets and now Green line is raping the ones inside them ..
That is the map of the recent rape of the 23 year old medical girl , Now as a Delhite you all must know how much busy this route is ..Is it possible that no one from the public noticed something fishy in that moving bus?

"Mind your own business" doesn't apply here folks .. It is ok you are not a hero to go alone and beat the Rapists alone , but use your brain .. Call the cops or gather 5 or 6 from the crowd with you to oppose those men , they are rapists they won't be equipped with ammo , moreover you would save an innocent girl ...

Be alert people , Delhi police just says "With You , for you , Always" rest you know ..
If only our Police was as well equipped to handle crime as they are in handling protests .. !!

Its not that only Delhi is the city of rapes , there are numerous cases in the country but most of them go unnoticed . Delhi doesn't rape , sick bastards do .. They can be anywhere !! A rape is a rape..be it in a moving bus or anywhere ..1000 of rapes are reported everyday in India ..wish each of them get the same attention..

 If you are so Desperate , throw in some bucks .. Not everyone is for sale .. !!

Do Not Rape

As a guy , Now I can feel those judgmental eyes that would check me out when I will walk down the street tomorrow .. Those few men have raped the respect of the millions of other guys  In true sense it is ...

                                         Men raping Men ..

Mind your ways or that day isn't far when like birds , Girls also would fly out of your reach from your mere appearance .. Stand up , Stop the rapists ..

And on the punishment ..
There was much more than a rape , even a rape is gruesome enough act to hang the person.. They assaulted her , damaged her ribs , small intestine .. Hanging would be under rated.. I demand castration..


  1. sandy totally agreed with your thoughts
    hope that other guys should also think like you
    and they all should know that girls are not their property .....

  2. yes Diksha I too hope so .. and thanx Shiva ..

  3. excllent work bro....mst b publishd in national newspapers.......

  4. Thank you :) .. and yes .. Wanna share it till some harsh steps are taken against the diseased ..

  5. Nicely writtin
    Wish everyone could c. D damage

  6. nice work ..get those bastards in jail and beat them every minute

  7. the youngistan is now turned to rapistan ,..nd if not stopped then ,.,.the whole hindustan will become the rapistan,.

  8. just nothing in mind after reading this..........well written dude!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Superbly written Sandy!!!!
    Even I demand CASTRATION for them.

  10. Nice post, couldn't agree more with the punishment part. Infact I wouldn't stop at castration alone, lets cut their hands too, afterall that's wht they must hv used to hold her down.

  11. Ohh wow , I missed that .. exactly yaar .. every limb should be detached ..

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. well said sandy....bt tuje lgta h kuch hoga...??? thode dino k shor k baad sb thanda pad jaega...nd obsly sb log b sb kuch bhool jaenge....nd this iz realy vry painfull nd shameful yr....its nt more thn jst a spicy news for evryone....its jst horrable....she z died bt dnt knw y those pigs r still alive :( :'(

  14. Yes , The sad part is in some days we will forget about it until the next season of Styamev jayte airs it again ..


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