Thursday, 20 December 2012

Rape After Affects ..

To start with , 
I would like to mention that I am writing this instead of watching the T-20 match ..
Thats how much bummed I am even now..

Regretting Why I read the details about this "Rape" , Well please stop calling it a rape first .. Out of my bag of vocabulary to put this one in words .. Cruel , Gruesome , Assault , Heinous .. all words are underrated to describe the trauma she went through .. 

Rumors were that those men shoved a rod in her vagina , and pushed in piercing every organ till her ribs .. It was enough for my soul to throw up a bit .. But , now it is believed that the driver Ram Singh inserted his hand , pulled out her uterus and threw it out of the bus before doing the same to the girl .. The reason being , "Damini" in her defense slapped and bit him revoking the ego of that bastard .. 

Thank God , She is alive ...
*Please stop circulating those "The girl that was raped is no more now , She took her last breathe .. Crap wale messages , Only be sure when an authentic source tells you* 

She is not a rape victim , She is a fighter .. She wants to live , you are nobody to judge that death would be better now ..

"Damini" the poor soul , on Thursday asked if those men were arrested and wrote on a piece of paper that they should be punished .

Virtual Revo-illusion ..

If I believe my Facebook friends , I signed 50 petition , I have done my part . The rapists would be hanged now right ? .. Or yes , Putting a black DP should do the trick and compel Government to take immediate actions .. You attended a protest , a candle march upload those photos .. That will motivate people .. this won't ..

Just because I am a guy , Don't think I am not a supporter , I bloody care more than you .. It's' just that you are letting out the aggression on virtual world , please save some for the REAL . Channelize it , We need it desperately out in the real world . Moreover , nobody from the officials give a damn about your Facebook or any other social activity .. Do practical improvements ..

Glad that there was no Facebook, BB, or other forms of social media during the fight for Independence.. or else people wouldn't have taken part in the revolt... they would have just put a black dot on their profile and expected the Britishers to get a hint and leave"

You can Run , You can Hide ..

But you can't escape the truth .. "Don't tell me What to do , Tell them not to rape" is pretty impressive status and could land you in good amount of "Likes" and "Comments" , but never forget the ground realities and need of the hour ..

This might bug you a little but that day they should not have taken that private bus , don't you think ?
I mean yeah , that doesn't give someone a license to be such an animal but it gives an opportunity , Look fine you have full freedom to do whatever you want , Wear short skirts , Roam around till midnight and all ..
But don't TRUST and EXPECT from anybody  Rich , Poor , Delhite , outside Delhiwallah ..

Don't blame our CM , Delhi is safe for girls .. That have the privilege of having a "Laal Batti Wali Car" .. So , don't expect her to be in your shoes and take effective steps .. And if you protest , they will give you a winter shower ...

Water Cannons Used

You have any brilliant idea , do share it .. Please share it ..

Your Boyfriend is Not Superman ..

Most of the stupids things we do when we have no fear , No offense to the Guy with you but always be reasonable .. Even if he is a daring young man , he cannot just overpower a magnitude of 6 or 7 .. So , its good to have a company but then also remain on your toes , be alert and safe ..

If you get stuck anywhere in India, don't rely on auto/bus/taxi, instead dial 44222222 or 44333222 which is the phone no. of cabs with female drivers that has been started for the safety of women. Spread this information to all the girls around you !

Ashamed to Be an Indian ?

"Bla Bla Bla ...... Really shameful , I am ashamed to be an Indian" 

I mean really ? You are what a head of an NGO ? or were you actively involved in the freedom struggle ? What have you done for the nation except saying "Kuch Nahi Hone Wala Iss Desh Ka" ?
Don't drag down your country with it , The concerned government the officials blame them ..

You from Taliban ?

It is one thing to be a supporter of the capital punishment and one thing to just share dead bodies on my homepage ... Public hanging , Rat eating the penis off a man .. What Not !!

I want them to be hanged and castrated , but again Government isn't gonna take a que from your Timeline for giving them the punishment .. They were animals , we aren't ..

Unki Maa Ki ...

Those 5 men should be punished to hell , but posts like "I will f*ck their mothers for not teaching them manners" .. Raising a voice against women and saying stuff like that , just reminded the FB post  .. "Respect Women , You Son of a Bitch"  .. Hope you get it ..

Stop Dividing the country ..

Please stop spreading hatred , no community or culture or region teaches anybody to rape .. How did you felt about the judgmental people from US after the 9/11 attacks ? Just because of the skin color we were also being doubted , Now the situations are better though ..

To conclude , "Josh Mein Hosh na Kho Jana" . These kind of viral post ends quickly and there is a big zero on the productivity graph .. !!

And ... Hey Aunty , Guess What ... Every Boy is not a rapist .. 

  Just owning a trimmer doesn't mean You are 
                               a Barber ...

                                     Think on it before staring to the utmost level of awkwardness 


  1. I superlike it.. Don't know how but it has brought some peace to my mind..

  2. Hey that is the biggest compliment I could have got ^ .. thank you , the intention was the same ..

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. OMG!!!! Wonderfully written Sandy!! <3 <3
    It should get published in the newspaper. Seriously!!
    Have no words to describe...was deeply moved and motivated by your write up..

    "Don't blame our CM , Delhi is safe for girls .. That have the privilege of having a "Laal Batti Wali Car" .. So , don't expect her to be in your shoes and take effective steps .. And if you protest , they will give you a winter shower ..." :*

    I hope people will start taking constructive steps rather than simply changing their DPs to that *Black Dot* or abusing the culprits on social networking sites.
    Had our Freedom Fighters done the same, we would still have been a British Colony!

    And Stop Blaming people from a particular community.

    Rape victims should not be hanged, they must rather be killed mercilessly and CASTRATED!!!

  5. realy its aswm yar no wrds to describe..
    ridhi ur rite ..
    it should be published in newspaper..!!

  6. realy its aswm yar no wrds to describe..
    ridhi ur rite ..
    it should be published in newspaper..!!

  7. are ye sahi hae unhe asi punishment mlni chye ,.jisse har ldka rapist bnne ki chah ko daba de ,.,.,coz there is a rpist in evry boy ,.,.bt some have it 1% or sum hav it 10,.,nd it comes to real form while chance come to them 2 do so ,.,.,so sana dnt think they r animals v r not ,.,.

  8. very rightly said give some mental peace


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