Saturday, 22 December 2012

Being a Demonstrator ...

"Aap Ko Toh Paise Milte Hai , Hum Apna Job chodh Ke aaye Hai" , A man in his early 40s explained his cause of the protest to the well guarded emotionless Rapid Action Force behind the barricades ..

Well , Mayans made 21st a significant date but on 22nd our Youth proved that the minute they Logout and step out , they can do some real stuff . The enthusiasm , the zeal , the spirit .. Really never experienced something like that in the 18 years I have lived ..

Protest for India's Daughter BBC

The road from the President's house to the India Gate was jam packed with angry protestors demanding the justice , the morning chill wasn't enough to deter the so called "lazy youth" ..

"Peace Protest"

The morning started with the students sitting in front of the Rashtrapati Bhavan , shouting out slogans .. summing up "We Want ... Justice" and "Hang Those Bastards" but all our government reciprocated with was ...

Protest India's Daughter Rape BBC

I mean fine , the shower just shook up and we ruffled our feathers for what was in store ahead ..The real frenzy started following a loud voice , "Charge" .. The Police cut loose upon us like a bunch of Zombies with a stick , Converting all the possible potential energy into kinetic on our wet bodies ..

Still Fine , but the WTF moment was when they started lashing out a girl that was already on the ground !!
Many people received injuries , but that scene was just a pure blot on the Police department ..
We can understand that it is part of your job to keep the security intact , but the girl on ground a 100 yards from the barricades ? What danger was she possessing ? Not to mention the groups that were silently seated the whole while .. Ok , listen to your orders but then do apply your minds .. You are not Fuckin Robots ..

India's Daughter Protest Rape

After 5 minutes of dispersion , again it started to bulk up . I was not crying out loud the slogans until the Phase 1 *Mentioned above* .. "We Want .. Justice" was equally balanced with "Delhi Police Ek Kaam Karo , Chudiya Phen Ke Dance Karo" and "Pura Dilli Yahan Hai , Shiela Dikshit Kahan Hai"

 Cry Cry Itna Cry

As the noon was approaching , so were the new ideas in the minds of the Security department ..  
The Water Cannons were feeling nice at that time but suddenly a big wave of people rushing to the back gave a heads up about something evil .. The water in the cannons finished so they found a new source , OUR EYES ..

Tear Gas Bomb thrown

Tear Gas Bombs , if you haven't felt them yet , you cannot imagine what it is like to inhale the gas .. Imagine someone rubbing dark red chilli rubbing all over your face and in your eyes , the choking sensation of it gave an impression that we are all gonna die young .. Throwing it in the crowd itself injured many , the direct impact of the tube left a dozen bleeding ..

Protestors threw back tear gas bombs

Talk about being brave , some daredevils threw the shell back at the attackers if i might say .. The irritation effects however helped the Police force to clear the area once again ..

This cycle continued , fresh batch of protestors kept coming in front and Delhi Police could actually feel the "In You Face , Loser" expressions . Well we flipped the bird in regular intervals and made the "L" .. Some went a little overboard singing "Sadda Haq" ..

Protest India's Daughter Rape BBC
The highlight of the "Youth" protest were the fingers flipped

Childish , but the joy and satisfaction it gave , Priceless ... !!

India's Daughter Rape BBC Protest

Net Result ? 

The protest wasn't a waste . Evening , the revolt did applied some pressure on the system .. Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said they will discuss about the death punishment .. I know Government can't be trusted but , We Won't let go simply .. If still the verdict is "Life Imprisonment" *14 years* you will find a crowd of double magnitude tomorrow shouting at your head's main doors ..

Tips for Next Protest ..

While you are making slogans , please make a placard with "SIT AND PROTEST" boldly written over it , just because of some assholes our peace protest is termed as a violent one and they gets an opportunity to do atrocities like we experienced , if you find some idiot do corner him ..

and .. Take something to eat and drink also , once you are there you won't wish to comeback despite being hungry or thirsty .. 

 Hows "Damini" ?

Composed but Critical
Back on ventilator She is , But her will to live is the biggest weapon for us ..
Girl you have no idea how much we love you , Stay Blessed !! 

Picture Damini Alive

 Step 1 : Praying for her ... Doing
Step 2 : Hanging those bastards .. Coming Up

A Special Thanks To ..

India Gate important in Protest

   India Gate , you really pump up everybody with patriotism and the will to fight for our right .. and the candle march of "Rang De Basanti" just add a spark to our spirits ..

Again I would like to mention that I am writing this instead of watching the T-20 match ..
Yeah , thats how much hopeful and proud I am ...

Happy New Year ...

New Year for Delhi People


  1. its really awesome sandy....keep it up gud job dude... ;)

  2. Very beautifully written-- as usual :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi, good to know you took part in the protest. I just hope this doesn't fizzle out like every other protest in India so far..pple should take it ahead till the time Govt does something. Its a thing, we give up bcos we hv jobs unlike those policewalas and politicians. Actlly I m surprised tht we never hear of social activists doing anything at such times when its their job to organize protests. Another line of thought came from one of my friends - that its good pple are protesting but what wud help her more at this time is - someone who stands up and says I will marry her no matter wht happens, someone who does something for her and her family..gather funds for her treatment and even for her bf for tht matter.

    1. Let her get off the ventilator sweetheart :p .. I know many would be ready to marry her , Don't forget her bf .. For that matter even I can marry her * But she can do a lot better than me* .. and "gathering funds" , the government has sponsored the whole treatment and woud send her to US for transplant as well !!

      The protests aren't helping her , but are essential to Girl who would be raped in the next 30 minutes !!

  5. Ya absolutely agree with the part of the next girl, all I hope is tht everyone has strength to take this fwd till the Govt actlly punishes these rapists and change the law for good! The protests should not fizzle out till action is seen on this.

  6. It will not ... Glad to see your concern from your home , really !! :p

  7. Its good you were part of protest, what is happened for that girl is unimaginable. We ll fight for strict laws to enforce and death sentence for the ppl who done this, including the driver.

  8. gud written......its ol about the way of delhi police doing their duty..its very shameful for INDIA


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