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Damini Kranti : Anti-Rape Revolt

Damini , India's Daughter, Nirbhaya , Amanat , Vedna , Braveheart .. Many names were given to that brave Soul ..
Her real name was India .... Raped and Killed Brutally ..

Indian Flag, Nirbhaya, Damini, BBC Documentry, India's Daughter, Delhi Rape

Her family was courageous and brave enough to let the people know her real name "Jyoti Singh Pandey" .. Salutes to her and her family , this is an inspiration to the whole nation .

Damini Real Name, India's Daughter

Morning of 29th December , 2:15 am was the time God decided to call his assaulted daughter to him .. She left us for a better place ..
You are immortal , you woke up a million of us today . The only sad part is that you had to sleep forever for it ..

RIP Damini Rapevictim

The medical report shows Multi-Organ Failure of the Girl but it actually was Multi System Failure of the Society and Administration .. Who is to be blamed ? The inhumane brutality to her was done by those 6 men but was allowed by us . Us , the normal public , the Policemen the Government ..  

It all started on the 16th of December , The coldest day in the history of Delhi .. The cold was not measured by the mercury but by the hearts ..
"Damini" was returning home with his friend from a movie , one wrong move .. Yes , they boarded a private bus with a bunch of drunk men already in it .. They were passing lewd comments on the girl , the guy opposed provoking the six of them to beat him , Damini as a girl could have ran or just stayed away but she wasn't a normal girl .. In the whole bus she was the only one with guts , she tried to save the guy and came in front of him .. 

Gang Rape Damini

Unfortunately , those animals overpowered Damini and her friend . After beating , stripped the guy and threw him off the bus .. Now Damini faced the fury of those six impotent Men .. After raping her , they got pissed by the guts and bravery of Damini so in a process to break her spirit , inserted a rod in her , damaging the small intestines displacing the liver and throwing the uterus .. They intentionally damaged her intestine so that the DNA report won't detect the rape ..
They were planning to find some prostitute , use her and dump without paying but that didn't happened ..

Enough to make you uncomfortable in reading itself naah ? .. She lived all of it , after almost two hours she got medical attention .. 

The 13 Days ..

Damini was now admitted in the Safdarjung hospital , next morning the news spread like a viral infection .. The whole of India stood by her but those bastards had full faith in Indian Government , unaffected they went back to their normal lifestyle , only to get nabbed ..

Damini Justice Protest India Gate

The willingness to live impressed everyone , those who were saying "Now , Death is Better" got stunned by the attitude of hers ... The protests in a bid to give her justice were swinging in full flow .. The whole Delhi Youth was demanding justice in front of Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate ...

Despite the mind numbing atrocities , she was not at all afraid , very firmly and composed she gave her statement to the magistrate , giving every detail about the rapists ..

The whole movement seemed to be heading like a pretty Bollywood movie , there were news about her significant recovery , even walking with some support and on the other hand Home minister decided to consider death punishment to the accused ..

The increased Rape Cases

The Climax ..

Soon came the climax , unfortunately this film didn't offered a happy ending , Damini's vital signs started deteriorating constantly . 26th December , the doctors of Safdarjung hospital decides to shift her to Mount Elizabeth Hospital .. It was the nearest most equipped hospital known for specialty of organ transplant .. 11 : 30 PM , Nirbhaya took her last breathe in India ..

Mount Elizabeth Hospital

The journey was full of challenges , it was tough for a patient in critical condition to bear the exertion of the Air Ambulance .. however , she reached Singapore alive , not very stable though .. The doctors there said unless she is stable they can't transplant the damaged organs ..

The next two days , all we heard was about the "Extremely Critical" condition of Damini .. By now , People had developed a trust on her fighting abilities but we were sadly mistaken . 

28th Dec , 6 : 30 pm the medical bulletin said her vital organs have stopped working .. With Lung and Stomach injuries she was also sustaining Brain Injury ..

Damini , finally scummed to the injuries early morning of the 29th December , 2012 .. Black Saturday ..

Damini Kranti ..

Much like the 1857 revolt was crucial in freedom , this December would be remembered as the one for Rape victims .. The involvement of Common people in this case has shocked everyone .. Earlier there were protests but over time they used to fade out , but this was different ...

There have been 2600 rapes in the last 10 months , Her heroics was a Strength for the Protesters ...

Damini Unites Youth Justice

She fought back , fought back hard .. Emerged as an inspiration .. Lost her life but became eternal in the nation where girls are look down as a weak and dependent sex ..

RIP Damini -  16 Dec 2012 - 29th Dec 2012
You will be loved and remembered always :) .. I promise you , I will respect every girl and yeah if you get reincarnated you will see a different Delhi .. 
Damini Dies of Organ Failure
 Now Please ...
Don't let her sacrifice go in vain , So now that you know what all problems girls have to face please be considerate , protect them .. Least you can do is , at-lest not your friends tease them .. Don't rely on Law and Courts ..
Gandhi Damini Rape
You still have "Honey Sigh - Volume 1" in your playlist ? Delete it .. 
Eve-teasing is the first step towards  making women insecure , stop objectifying them learn to respect , Give your squirrel's share in making Delhi and India a safer place ..
 And Government , Don't fear your own people .. Instead of closing down the Metro Stations and implying Sec 144 , take responsibility . apologize for letting us down .. 
Hang Rapists Damini
And yeah , Hang them ASAP .. #TheekHai ?


  1. Multi System Failure of the Society and Administration... So damn TRUE..!
    when will the girls be safe in their own society.. When will our society get rid of the devils of the society.. when will there be strict laws against the society killers..When will the parents will teach their sons to respect who brought them into this world.. ????? i guess there's a long way to go..!
    RIP to DAMINI..And a salute to her WILL to live and survive in this cruel world all over again...
    Let there be a fearless society..And let there be no DAMINI who’ll fight for her survival...

    1. Completely agree with you yaar .. In our own Country we have to be cautious before roaming around the streets .. It should stop , RESPECT WOMEN !!

    2. U r Right Dear Swati... I really accept Ur answer regarding RIP for Damini ji n also for our world... Jay sri krishna

  2. sharm karo ab congress sarkar.u dnt deserve ds position jo khud rapist hai.president ka beta battameez .i am really ashamed to be an indian jahan ladke aise darinde hote hai. They should'nt be hanged they should be made castrate cut their hands and legs pull out their investine out nd their body and then Leave them withs on them ''RAPIST'' they should also feel the pain.

    1. Yes , Definitely they should feel the pain ..

  3. what about the womens?jinse ye desh aage bdh raha hai.log kb apni soch badlenge. Girls r taught ki woh ladki hai unhe rat mein nikalna nahi chahiye.dhake huye kapde pehenne chahiye. D biggest que WHY? q ? Ladke ko q nai sikhaya jata ki ldkiyan unhe is duniya mein lati hai they should learn respect women.they r nt d object.first of all we need 2 change our thinking and then its tym 4 the systm nd 4 our govt. 2 wake up.agar woh ab nahi jagenge toh kbhi nai jagenge.woh damini toh hum sb ke liye pari thi jo haiwaniyat khatam karne ayi thi lekin ab un darindo ko sharm krna chahiye.our president mr. Pranav mukherjee.. He should merge himself somewhere jo apne bete abhijeet mukherjee ko baat krne ka dhang nai sikhaya.damini ke mrityu ke baad use singapore bheja,kya janta andhi hai?andhi hai bharat ki sarkar aur kanoon ye janta nahi.manmohan sheela sonia pranav sushil ye sab ab ghar pe bachon ko kahani sunaye toh behtar hoga qki inki ab ye umr nahi rahi ki logon ka aur khoon piye.and plz stop this line of vioj

  4. type of violence act.qki tmhari bhi ma behen beti hogi. Learn 2 respect women.jinse tmhe jeevan mila.

  5. instead of funny ,.,.,vaha option hna chahye tha ,.,shameless ,.,.,,coz evry indian feeling shameless except the italian n mand mohan singh nd other indians @ 10 janpath

  6. I don't know what to say...I am dumb-struck!
    R.I.P Damini

  7. its realy shame on the indian government...god gave damini 13days to live for justice but the bloody government was sleepng..if a politiians daughter was raped then im vry sure next day the rapists wud hve been dead..but nathing done for a common girl..wishedgod cud sent down her soul and she brutally tke her revengue..den dhe can trully r.i.p!

  8. Ohh Yes , Real Shame . Hope something is done !!


    be a reformist in ur own way...
    spread d word on self defense - use pepper spray..
    nice times!!

    requesting to use some above images to poster print for the protest..thanks!

    1. Awesome Write Up Sandeep!! I really miss Damini. I feel so connected with her. I know she is at better place right now. But I fail to understand why God didn't save her from being raped by those 6 beasts. We say God is everywhere and he is always there to guide us, help us but where was he when She was being mutilated. He was just looking at it as a Mute Spectator, why he did not save her????? This is something I can never accept from Gods part.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


  10. I really miss you Jyoti Di. We say god is everywhere he help and guide us when do wrong. To jab di k saath galat ho raha tha to wo kaha the why didn’t help and save her. I really didn’t understand to god strategy. Second thing what the people are doing, when they have need to us we ignore us raat agar wo time se hospital pahuch jaate aur treatment start ho jata to shyad aaj wo bhi hamare beech me hoti, aur bhi accha feel karti ki aaj indian country k logo un k saath hai aur unhe justice mila. Today our leader and respected guru are saying k girls ko late night ghar k bhar nahi nikalna hai aur manner wale kapdre pahanne hai ye sare baate kis law me likhe hai.


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