Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Fear among Masses as Bigg Boss Nears End ..

The New Year isn’t pretty for all , 
Many people are worried about ending of the reality show Bigg Boss on Colors TV .... 
No , not the Fans of the show ..

Salman Bigg boss Parrot

The fact that the inmates are gonna be exposed out in the world with them is haunting the mass . 

Rajiv Paul Bigg Boss

“I have moved out of my apartment , fearing an any time eviction of Rajiv” Riya Sharma , a 35 Year old divorcee neighbor of the contestant gave the statement in a hurry running down the stairs. Most of the female acquaintance have already downloaded the "Bhaiya Mere Rakhi Ke Bandhan Ko Nibhana" song as a preventive measure . 

Hot Sana Khan Bigg Boss

Sana Khan’s close friends are fearing the Bollywood bachelors and the Bhais of Mumbai following her over popularity .. The female friends of Sana are also being looked suspiciously after the former's coziness with ex-contestant Aashka Goradiya ...

While , The teachers of St. Mary School have decided to boycott the next Parent Teacher Meet as Urvashi Dholakia is seen getting aggressive when her children are being talked about .

Evil Urvashi Dholakia

The political parties are also seeing a glimpse of Niketan as a next PM due to the staggering similarities of his speech personality with Manmohan Singh and is considering him a strong competitor. On Jantar mantar , Arvind Kejriwal's new allegation termed this as a Government conspiracy to justify keeping mum on every issue through the reality show .

Niketan Bigg Boss

The party goers are also terrified of bumping into Imam and having an argument , most of the nightclubs have restricted the entry of men with wigs for precaution ...

However , not all the people are nervous . 

The Hijra Community of Mumbai expressed excitement to greet Rajiv Paul and give him a piece of their mind *and other parts also* on the positive side all the middle aged divorced men have got their hopes up and are looking for his tutorials for netting a 23 year old girl .

Meanwhile , Cartoon Network has also sparked the discussion of making a sequel to Tom and Jerry by casting Rajiv Paul and Imam Siddique .

Rajiv Imam Fight

NASA is expected to contact Imam following the regular complaints of Astronauts regarding the lack of entertainment in Space , Although the Indian scientist rubbished the reasoning of NASA saying "Probably they have found aliens and are hoping Imam can interact with them" ....

Also several medical institutes have shown interest in conducting research on the mind of Mr. Entertainment , If at all it is found .

Imam Bigg Boss

Unlike most of the people , PM remained unperturbed as usual , in his press conference Manmohan Singh said, “I am not at all upset , In fact I am excited about the next season of Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha , Theek Hai ?”

*According to *fake* Sources 


How Was It ?

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