Tuesday, 31 July 2012

BlackOut .. Yeah Its In ...

"Bhenc*od" .. The first words when the fan got off ... The lights vanished .

"Misery loves Company"
The only quote that was cheering me up and helped to get through the night .

The Dark Knight , must say ....

Nothing unites two bitching *talkative* housewives more than a power cut ... more to the flame , it was a half nation affair !!!

Well , Besides Anna , Gagan and India's see saw performance in Cricket .. Media got a new issue to crib about .

The incident however gave a hindsight of an Alien Invasion  , for a change USA remained unaffected :p
Ohhh Yeah its "Koi Mil Gaya" ... E.T is not available ...

The Government first used to put the citizens in darkness .. This time they made it literal !!!

hmm as of me .. Electricity , another thing you can't be sure of in this country !!

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