Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Olympics in Delhi !!

Thanks To Whoever It may Concern ...
                                                                Thanks for not Organizing the Olympics In Delhi .
Just think of the dire consequences ...

Gagan Narang , the sole Indian man who stood on the podium this year ... would have been aiming for the bulls-eye ... Only with instincts ... *Would have been a opportunity for Bindra to win tho :p *  .. Yeah The Blackout ...

Boxers risk getting punched around their Boxers , God forbid the Fencing .

Well ,Yeah Phelps could have beaten Usian Bolt on the Flooded Tracks .

And , hopefully Indian tennis Players could have been lucky in Water Courts ;)

See , We managed to gatecrash the event overseas imagine if it would have been a local affair ;) ... 

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