Monday, 30 July 2012

Ice Age , No Eye's Age

The movie which combines Animation with Emotions .

     Its amazing how the production team every time makes us relate to the long extinct animals  .
  A mammoth  possessive and naive as a teenage dad .
     A Sabertooth , with a kind heart . *Vegetarian*
 And , a Sloth ... The most likeable ..

Well , The first part was a gem ... This one takes a backseat when talked about story and emotions .
But mind you the 3Dfication and humor is refreshing .

The movie gives Dieago a new Galfriend , While Sid gets to take care of her old *toothless* Granny .

The Granny is indeed funny , quite evident where Sid got ol his talent *read stupidity* from .

The track of her pet "Precious" is important and weaves the climax .

Last but not the least ... The ultimate searcher ...

He gets much , wait a minute .. Much Much Much More than he aspires , but can he stick to it ;) ??

All in all its time to keep your adult stale mind at homes and enjoy with the infants , take the whole family ...

4 out of 5 stars .


  1. I watched the movie too,'s funny but I did not like it as much as I liked the previous editions..but nice review.

  2. thank you ... n yeah the story was lacking novelty .. It was funny but predictable .. the weakest of all parts !!


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