Sunday, 6 April 2014


7th Sky in the Heaven : Faking News is growing day by day, the global reach of this satire news website leapt forward by miles when our journalist managed to break in the heaven’s door for an exclusive interview with Nibhaya aka Damini aka Amanat.
Nirbhaya , Cheerful and Lively in Heaven .
The goddess in the human form seemed quite happy in the company of Angels and other Godly creatures, her will-power and courage was evident even after going through such a terrible experience.
She was frank and spoke her heart out about the atrocities and how she managed to leave the world with a big smile . Here is a part of the conversation :
Reporter : Hello, First of all a big salute to you Ma’am !
Nirbhaya : Thank you so much.
Reporter : Can you talk about it all , Can I ask questions ?
Nirbhaya : I battled it through 14 days , do you think I don’t have such a little bit of courage to just answer your questions ?
Reporter : Sorry, Okay so how does it feel. I mean you heard the revolution you gave birth to right ?
Nirbhaya : Oh Yes , I did indeed . The media in here is pretty active too ( Chuckles ) . It is great , the way youth gathered seeking justice in front of Rashtrapati Bhavan was really an emotional moment for me .
Reporter : You saw some change in the society ?
Nirbhaya : Well , The sales of Pepper Spray has sure gone up Haha . Apart from it , unfortunately nothing good has come . There are many cases of Rapes being reported even after my tragedy , the Police is clueless , the Politicians fart out stupid statements , the People still think it was my mistake in the first place by roaming around late at Night .
Reporter : Do you think your Plight was being used for Politics as well ?
Nirbhaya : Don’t say it “Plight” , those animals attacked me and I resisted pretty well , I guess .
And yes , those People do crazy stuff for their position . But the one thing I enjoyed immensely was the Arnab Goswami confrontation of Abhijeet Mukhrji about the Dented and Painted Women .
Reporter : You heard about the Suicide of Ram Singh ?
Nirbhaya : I told you before also , India TV’s TRP consists of folks from Heaven too , but yeah there is no Stairs to here :p .
He was a coward Man , Well , I should say a Woman , actually ohh wait definitely a eunuch . He got away pretty easy , I wished he was to be burned alive . Not as my revenge but to establish a fear of law in the minds of Criminals .
But yeah , I would send a message to the Devil to be prepared with an Iron Rod instead of a Vessel of Burning Lava and a Whip .
Reporter : Any views about the Juvenile ?
Nirbhaya : That was the most evolved animal of those men , Sure he might not have the age of 18 but if he can do it then he must also bear it .
Reporter : Heard about your Result ?
Nirbhaya : Ohh Yes , It is good . Sorry Papa wanted to make you Proud and be a successful Doctor  but it wasn’t meant to be .
Reporter : Your Dad also is a man of steel Nerves .
Nirbhaya : Of course , where do you thing I got my strength from huh ?
Reporter : Any message for the Girls of Delhi ?
Nirbhaya : Girls be safe , stay on your toes all the time . I am not saying to run away , just be prepared , you can’t trust anybody here . Sure , “Don’t teach your Daughter how to Dress , teach your Son how to behave” make a very good status , but the ground reality is that you are not going to see a change in the mindset for at least a generation or so .
Reporter : This Women’s Day , US awarded you for your Courage . How does it feel ?
Nirbhaya : Well , Feels great . Being an inspiration for so many girls who live in a scared state of mind is a big thing . In a male dominated society I got a treatment next to God , the only bummer was that it was after my Rape .
Reporter : Thak you so much for giving us your time .
Nirbhaya : It okay . I am enjoying my time here , no worries no rush . Soon I will be back there , Would urge God to send me back to India , hope so this time the Country would treat me better , treat like human when I live .
Reporter : Any message for your Family ?
Nirbhaya : Mommy Daddy and my Cute Bhai , I love you all . The way we were separated was really tragic but I made you Proud right ? I would try to come back in the family , I would convince god to do so ;) . Miss me , Love You .
And to the rest of the world , I am not a Victim . I am a fighter , a Martyr . I should live in your heart till the doomsday comes . Treat girls right , No privilege , just be human with them .
*Intended to send a message , Sorry If Hurts Anybody*

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