Friday, 18 January 2013

Life after Death : Hacked Facebook

What it is like to Lose a Facebook Account ?

The account that you had since your "Attaining-puberty" era ..
The account that you had when you got enrolled in a College ..
The account that was the first media of communication between you and your Crush ..

If you know it , you can feel my pain .. If you don't , you are lucky !!

Well , it is just like losing a Yearbook , couple of Albums and your Personal Diary all at a same time !

To be honest , 
I had plans to show my "Timeline" to my Grandchildren as a proof that I too had fun when I was at my Prime , My Young age ..

An evidence that my face wasn't wrinkled from the very start ..
A testimony that I too was funny in my era ..

Well , Seems like the plans were bending over waiting for that hacker .. 

Since I am a positive person , I made some theories to convince that Old Dying Man inside me that "Whatever God does , It is intended for Good" ..


It WAS a good morning , I slept sound .. had some beautiful dreams too .. It was Saturday after all ..
But the blood circulation rate increased suddenly when I saw a pink message box "Login Error" ..

Well , after sometime my Heart was behaving just like a typical motor , Pumping cold water instead of Warm Blood !


I tried vigorously to regain access to my account , but it was like Manmohan Singh trying to sing along with Eminem on his Karaoke ..

After some time I got stable *PS : Thanks to the inventor of BC , MC , etc *

I accepted I am officially stripped off my own Timeline !!
I was pretty sure that it isn't a friends deed , because there was no status reading "I am Gay" 

What Now ? 

Its not the end of the *social* world , The best thing about dying virtually is you can get reborn instantly ..

To a few's happiness and for many's distress , I came up with another Facebook profile ..

Though this time I have a little less amount of the trust factor on Mark Zuckerburg's security policies ..

The Positives ..

A fresh start , "Looks are deceptive" so are the DPs of Facebook , this time I know the persons more than their DPs so the "Friends on Facebook-Enemies in Life" ratio would be much less ..

No one can stalk the past *read Stupid* Me ..

The Negatives ..


There are some "f"riends that you really need for a well oiled Facebook mechanism , 
in simpler terms The "I will Like any Crap of Ours" friends ..


Social life is not that important , You can still live with it ..
But , it is really nice to have a successfully organized one  ..

You can get Hacked anytime , but do take precautions ..

Don't be like ..



  1. I really can understand how u feeling...coz, i had suffered the same a year ago...:(

    It was 7th Feb 2011 when i created my fb account with a lot of excitement, offcourse after hearing it from my friends. I was a crazy moron for fb and added my childhood friends, relatives, cousins n many more guys n girls.
    I used to wish almost everyone on the occasion of b'day, anniversaries n esp. on change of relationship status etc.
    One day, i remember it was 5th of Feb in 2012 when i was super-excited (coz 6th feb was my b'day n i thought of being immovable from my PC thinking of receiving sweet b'day wishes) as i was about to complete a year.
    But on 5th feb evening when i was trying to access my account it was showing LOGIN ERROR n i was like WTF...A bunch of questions striked hard on my mind n i was thinking some non-sense like 'did that mean fb has 1 year validity n ol crap'. But someone told me that ur account might have hacked. I didn't even know what it meant as i haven't experienced it earlier though i have read about it 'upar-upar se' in my computer subject. All that came to my 'zubaan' after knowing the meaning of hacking process n ol dat was "I am f*#ked n Someone will definitely gonna ruin my relations with my friends n with everyone posting some non-sense on my WALL". I thought that was what i had received a b'day gift from a hacker & he without asking any1 offered himself my account.
    I want to FORGET that day n throw that incident away from my mind out of the earth with an escape velocity.
    Anywhere's after completing some formalities with 'GMAIL DEVTA' i was allowed to SIGN UP for FREE for FB n see today where Iam...I have got exactly 300 superb friends on FB with almost 4000 page likes n 100s of fb apps.

    All i wanna say is-SHIT HAPPENS but LIFE has to MOVE ONN n ONN n ONN...:)

  2. This is really sad... but like you stated here that you can be born instantly in the virtual world..thank God for that! Be careful, hope u don't come across such shit again.


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