Sunday, 12 August 2012

Gold Lost .

Not being Negative but ,

     Its a gold lost instead of a Silver won .

The way this man started this Sunday morning .... the evening was not on the same note, or lets say on the same mat ,

Daar ke Aage Jeet hai , that was quite evident when the Wrestler Defeated the Bejing Gold Medalist in the opening match . *thanks to the lucky balls*
Before the match , all he said was , "If you gotta win a gold , you have to defeat a gold medalist"  

The next two matches were quite comparatively easy ...
Still , he had to wrestle the way ....
finally , He Stormed his way to the final ....  smacking bodies down ... Biting ears ... etc etc ...

Wrestling Sushil Kumar

However , the man was out of sorts when the final show time came ..
The Japanese player wasn't offered much of resistance on his way to the gold .

Whats done is done ...

Well , a medal is a medal ... *When you have only 6 of them*

Well played man ...
Bejing - Bronze .. London - Silver ... Next .. u know ...

Congrats once again ... at least a podium finish for India in Olympics .

Thank you ,

              This Sunday was Brought to you by - Sushil Kumar .

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